Grey's Anatomy's 25 Best Couples Ever


In 16 seasons of hookups and letdowns, “I dos” and “Oh no you didn’ts,” Grey’s Anatomy has turned us all into heart specialists of a sort. So in honor of the ABC drama’s 15th anniversary — it aired its first episode on this day back in 2005 — your friends at TVLine are counting down the show’s 25 greatest couples of all time and ranking them from the least to most legendary.

Hey, hey — c’mon now, stop. At least scroll all the way through our gallery of dynamic duos and tempestuous twosomes once before you run straight to the comments to complain that your favorite pair isn’t high enough on the list. There’ll be time enough for grousing, we promise.

And who knows? You might actually find yourself agreeing with our Top 25. It does, after all, include sweethearts ranging from parents-to-be who started out just being “pain management” to each other, prickly sparring partners who argue with as much passion as they canoodle, and happily marrieds who have proven that to keep a relationship solid, it pays to occasionally test its structural integrity. And if a couple has proven popular enough to be given a ‘shipper name — MerDer, Jolex, Calzona, etc. — they’re almost guaranteed to have made the cut.

So, to find out which couples we thought were the best at playing doctor, just click on the gallery above (or go here for direct access). Then let us know which match-ups you think should have been ranked higher, lower, added or excluded.