Grey's Anatomy: The Top 25 Characters of All Time, Ranked!

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Over the course of its going-on-17 seasons of around-the-clock docs, Grey’s Anatomy has introduced what seems like as many characters as cases-of-the-week. But even among the best of the best, not all characters are created equal — or at least they certainly aren’t loved equally.

With that in mind, TVLine has taken on the daunting task of ranking the top-rated ABC drama’s all-time greatest characters, from those who only generate the occasional mild heart murmur to those who always give us rapid palpitations. Included in our countdown are, yes, the all-stars that you would not only expect, nay, demand — the doctor whose surname gives the series its title, her so-called twisted sister, the one and only “Nazi” that we would ever salute, the plucky heroine whose death scene damn near killed us…

But our Top 25 also includes a few surprises, like the relative newcomer who never fails to make of himself an adorkable “spectacle”… a passionate young doctor toward whom Meredith warmed so much that he received her first post-McDreamy “I love you”… a snarktastic jerkface whose egotism masks untold depth… and an M.D. who, based on your aprés-recaps comments, as many of you loathe as like. But hey, at least no one is ambivalent about him. (We all know that’s worse!)

To see which characters made it into our Top 25, just click on the photo gallery above (or go here for direct access). Then hit the comments with the characters that you think should’ve been placed higher, lower or altogether eliminated!