Game of Thrones: The Best Sex Scenes From the Series' Eight-Season Run

Game of Thrones SEx Scenes PHotos Season 8

From the beginning, Game of Thrones was all about sex and dragons… and it’s almost outta dragons.

So what better way to celebrate the fantasy tale’s imminent ending — the series finale airs tonight on HBO (9/8c) — by focusing on the sexier side of things, aka some of the most memorable love scenes from the eight-season run?

In the gallery below, you’ll find all of the hottest hits. Some, like Jon and Ygritte’s cave encounter, are romantic. Some, like Tyrion and Shae’s sweet declarations, make us ache. Others, like Oberyn and Ellaria’s brothel takeover, are outrageous. One involves leeches, and another features fraternal twins. (But if you’re still with us at this point, you probably already guessed that.) And don’t worry: We’ve made sure to include some of the least-clothed moments from Season 8, as well.

Oh, and some of the photos we’ve selected are a little NSFW, so you might not want to view them at work or if your parents/little ones are around… because the night gallery is robust and full of naughty bits.

Click on the gallery at right — or go to it directly here — to see your Westeros favorites sit each others’ thrones, as it were. And then hit the comments with your thoughts: Now that Game of Thrones is ending, what was your favorite love scene overall?

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