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Lucifer Season 3 Preview: Wing Mystery, No-Nonsense Lawman Vex the Devil

Lucifer Season 3 Spoilers

Lucifer wants to know who his mysterious “wing” man is as Season 3 of the Fox series gets underway on Monday, Oct. 2 (now airing at 8/7c).

Having regained consciousness after being knocked out in the finale, and upon making his way back from the desert — “He thinks he’s been gone for months, weeks, years…. but it’s just a couple of days later!” co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich notes with a laugh — the Devil (played by Tom Ellis) focuses on the details of who his fine, feathering friend is.

“Our big theme is identity and the wings really tie into that,” co-showrunner Joe Henderson tells TVLine. “Am I an angel? Am I the devil? Am I my own man? And if someone put these wings on my back, I don’t like it when people tell me who I want to be, so not only am I going to push against someone seemingly saying that I am ‘good,’ I’m also going to figure out who did this. That’s the big drive.”

Distracting Lucifer just a bit from that mystery will be the arrival of Marcus Pierce (Smallville‘s Tom Welling), a police lieutenant who “causes a whole bunch of trouble amongst our precinct family because he’s a bit no-nonsense, while Lucifer is all fun and games,” says Henderson. (Pierce also draws interest from Lauren German’s Chloe, who is scrambling to get out from Lucifer’s crimesolving shadow. “At the beginning of the season she realizes that she’s starting to be identified as Lucifer’s partner, and she’s kind of like, ‘Wait a second, he’s my partner!'” Modrovich previews.)

Elsewhere: Maze returns from a stretch of bounty hunting (aka Lesley-Ann Brandt’s maternity leave) to sadly learn that “suddenly her best friend has a new friend and her ex-lover is seeing someone”; “good drama” is mined from Amenadiel’s (D.B. Woodside) reaction to his brother’s restored wings; Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) “has to dig deep into her own issues” upon realizing “just how terrified she was with what happened to her at the end of the season”; and as previously reported, four “leftover” Season 2 episodes will be scattered throughout the season to supplement new character arcs.

BONUS SPOILER!: You can’t preview Lucifer without including its pint-sized scene stealer! “Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) is going to meet the new Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer),” Henderson shares. “They hit it off right off the bat, much to Dan’s (Kevin Alejandro) surprise and, then, concern.”

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