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Lucifer Bosses Talk Up 'Leftover' Standalone Episodes (Maze as 007?!), How They'll Fit Into Season 3

Lucifer fans need not worry about May’s cliffhanger ending not being addressed as soon as Season 3 arrives on Monday, Oct. 2 at 8/7c.

Back in March, it was announced that Season 2 of the Fox drama would run only 18 episodes, and that the final four to be filmed would get added onto this fall’s run. That news A) bummed out fans who already were enduring a prolonged springtime hiatus, and 2) raised some concern about how the episodes, previously reported to be standalone in nature, would fit into Season 3.

For example, some fretted that the aforementioned cliffhanger — in which Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) was knocked out, then awoke in the middle of a desert with his wings restored — would be delayed by one or more standalone hours. But that will not be the case, at all. “The first couple episodes are entirely new and pick up right where Season 2 left off,” co-showrunner Joe Henderson assured during TVLine’s Fall Preview Q&A.

A trip to Sin City will spark new story for Ella

As production on Season 2’s final stretch arrived, “We had a really good feeling that these four standalone episodes would be in Season 3, so we started building them with that in mind,” Henderson explained. “What these episodes do is begin new story for our characters.” For example, “There’s an episode that’s Maze-centric — sort of like our take on James Bond, if he was a female demon assassin — so when that episodes airs, we’ll start a whole bunch of story for Maze’s character” (once new mom Lesley-Ann Brandt returns from maternity leave). Similarly, an episode in which a case takes Lucifer and Ella (Aimee Garcia) to Las Vegas “starts a bunch of story for Ella, and for Chloe (Lauren German),” Henderson said.

A third standalone finds Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) going through something “pretty dramatic,” while a fourth is a flashback to Lucifer’s very first days in Los Angeles. “We’ll sprinkle them around as we start to want to activate story from the standalone,” Henderson said. Added co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich: “They give our characters something to react to” in the all-new episodes.

As an added bonus to this “bonus,” the standalone episodes are not quite the usual Luci-fare.

“What I love about them,” said Henderson, “is that when we found out we would be doing these, we told Warner Bros. and Fox, ‘We’re going to go a little crazy on these. We’re going to break format a little bit, were going to screw around a little bit.'” The result was “some of our most interesting episodes to date,” the EP raves.

“They’re very much still our show, but they’re like the episodes of The X-Files that were a little strange, goofy or dark — very much the show, but flexing a very different muscle.”

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