Why Jennifer Garner Needs to Come Back to Series TV — ASAP

Jennifer Garner come back tv

I’ve got a riddle for you Alias fans: What do Sydney and Vaughn’s relationship, a flying high kick and Jennifer Garner‘s return to series television have in common?

They’re all about timing. As in, the moment must be right. As in, The Actress Formerly Known as Agent Bristow needs to come back to TV as soon as possible, because everything is lined up to give her (and us!) the series she deserves.

When Alias signed off for good a decade ago, Garner left a job that was fun and satisfying, but also — by all accounts — a heck of a lot of work. Early call times. Night shoots. Fight choreography, aerial harnesses and 22-episode seasons. In short, Alias‘ kick! run! cry! nature left its leading lady with little surplus time or energy after the cameras stopped rolling. Garner was pregnant with her first child (she now has three) and wanted a break: Can you blame her for being ready to send Syd off to that beach house with Vaughn?

But now that premium cable networks and streaming video services have turned the 10-episode season into an art form, being the lead on a limited series needn’t be the all-encompassing lifesuck that it used to be.

We’re aware that in the years since Alias, Garner focused on becoming a full-fledged movie star, a goal she attained through roles in romcoms like 13 Going on 30, poignant dramas like Dallas Buyers Club and family flicks like Miracles From Heaven. But it’s 2016: TV is the new movies (and she can still do movies, too.) Garner would be in the company of actors like Reese Witherspoon, Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, James Franco and Rachel McAdams — all of whom made a name for themselves on the big screen but have recently taken on interesting, thought-provoking, highly watchable TV projects.

Garner has said that she’d be interested in an Alias reboot only if J.J. Abrams were in charge. (Side note: After The Force Awakens, the chances of that happening are about as likely as the TVLine staff getting its own full-size BB-8.) And while we certainly wouldn’t say no to to another highly physical role for the uber-athletic actress, may we humbly suggest starting fresh with a big part on a new series that shares no DNA with the one that jumpstarted her career? And that maybe lets her smile a little more often on camera?

Bottom line: We miss you, Jen. Come back to TV. It’s time.

With that, we turn it over to you: Would you watch a new TV series starring Jennifer Garner? Log your vote via the poll below, then hit the comments to tell us what you think!

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