CW Boss: Renewal/Cancellation Decisions on Superman & Lois, Gotham Knights, Homecoming Coming 'Soon'

The CW Bubble Shows: Superman and Lois, Gotham Knights, All American: Homecoming

A decision on The CW’s final three bubble series will be made soon.

At a press conference Thursday to outline the network’s new, acquisition-heavy fall lineup (which you can view here), CW’s President of Entertainment, Brad Schwartz, offered an update on the status of remaining in-limbo series Superman & Lois, Gotham Knights and All American: Homecoming

“We love all [three] shows,” said Schwartz. “We’ll be making decisions on those sooner [rather] than later.

Superman & Lois, creatively, is very strong,” he added. “It does well in broadcast, it does well in digital… but it’s expensive [and] doesn’t make money for us. And we don’t have the rights to the prior seasons. You need to have a library [for people to find a show]… and the prior seasons are [on HBO Max].”

Thus far, the Nexstar-owned CW has renewed All American (for Season 6) and Walker (for Season 4), while DC’s Stargirl, The Flash, Kung Fu, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, Walker Independence and The Winchesters are all either ended or ending.

Among scripted CW originals, that leaves the aforementioned Superman & Lois (currently airing Season 3), Gotham Knights (currently airing Season 1) and All American: Homecoming (which ended Season 2 on March 27) still on the fence. And the buzz has been that The CW may save only two to three total U.S. scripted shows, leaving maybe one last slot open. (TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has all the latest intel on pickups/cancellations.)

It was also recently suggested (by THR.com) that The CW hopes to have one DC comics show on its 2023-24 slate — meaning it may come down to the well-watched Superman & Lois, or the far more affordable Gotham Knights.