Did Young Sheldon Punt Its Big Bang-Ordained Twist?

A defining moment in Young Sheldon‘s life has seemingly been erased — or, at the very least, skipped over.

The Big Bang Theory prequel’s previous episode picked up at the start of 13-year-old Sheldon’s spring break — the same spring break where, per Big Bang lore, Sheldon walks in on George having sex with another woman. On the mothership, it’s the reason Dr. Cooper knocked three times before entering a room.

But alas, Season 6’s 18th episode skipped over that life-altering moment, jumping right from Georgie’s impromptu marriage proposal to Sheldon and Missy’s return to school. Spring break was officially over.

Executive producer Steve Holland previously told TVLine that Sheldon wouldn’t walk in on George this season. But he also didn’t rule out that it could happen some time in the future. “Without saying it didn’t happen, we’re not obligated to tell all the stories that Sheldon told on Big Bang,” he explained. “I’m not saying we are or we are not [telling that story], but it’s not happening in Season 6. It could potentially happen in Season 7, and it’s a possibility we’ve talked about a lot, so it’s on the table. But just because it happened doesn’t mean it’s a story [our narrator] has to tell.”

We recently learned that Sheldon’s trip to Germany — a trip he said on Big Bang took place when he was 15 — has been moved up to the spinoff’s Season 6 finale. That gives us reason to believe that George’s adultery may still come into play later on, even if the timing deviates from what we were told on Big Bang.

Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 18As for what did happen during Thursday’s episode: Mandy rejected Georgie’s proposal. “He just caught me off guard is all,” she told Meemaw. Georgie and Mandy ultimately agreed that Georgie wouldn’t spring any more proposals on her; he’d give her fair warning next time. That leads us to believe that there will be another proposal by season’s end — and Mandy will say yes.

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