Is New Ted Lasso 'Do a Big Don't? Can't Magnum Relocate Rick? Were Grey's Accents Wicked Bad? And More TV Qs

Ted Lasso Jamie Hair Season 3

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Ted Lasso, Grey’s Anatomy, Magnum P.I. and The Mandalorian!

Fire Country Tahmoh Penikett1 | What was the silliest part of last week’s Fire Country: The over-the-top, Leone-taunting Knox character, or firefighter Vince negotiating a prison gang war truce (with “the worst of the worst,” no less)? And did it take you a sec to recognize Tahmoh Penikett beneath Knox’s soot and stubble?

2 | On Blue Bloods, do you think “Chicken & Pasta á la Vodka á la Sean” actually turned out OK, or was Frank just being a polite grandpa?

3 | At the Oscars, how big a team was needed to take Lady Gaga from full-on red carpet glam to stripped down-n-scrubbed for her “Hold My Hand” performance, and then back again? Should we have instituted some kind of drinking game for every mention of “movies going back to the theaters”? Also, why was Pinnochio director Guillermo del Toro already backstage when they announced his win for Best Animated Film? Was he tipped off early?

MAGNUM Rick4 | TVLine reader Cindy asks: “Why has Magnum P.I.‘s Higgins not ‘generously’ invited Rick to sleep in the main house? Other than comic relief, how is this situation helping anyone?”

5 | Is The Way Home pushing the limits of credibility (for a time-travel show) with people from the past not recognizing Alice in the present timeline? And how uncanny was the casting of older Nick?

6 | Why were NCIS: Hawai’i‘s Kate and Lucy sleeping on their pillow shams? Also, did this week’s episode get you on board the Boom-Bam Spinoff train?

7 | Before The Neighborhood’s Marty explained the alleged trend to Calvin, had you ever heard anyone say out loud, to another person, that they’re “quiet quitting”? And did we miss an episode, or had Malcolm never expressed interest in going back to college to get his degree before we saw him in class this week?

8 | Do you almost wish All American hadn’t flashed back to show us Billy’s actual death, given how muted and abrupt that scene was?

Good Doctor Lawyer Spinoff9 | If Good Doctor spinoff The Good Lawyer receives a series pickup, should we expect to hear the voice in Joni’s head telling her that bad things will happen as frequently as we see Shaun have one of his medical visions? And why would Dr. Glassman have sought outside counsel on a pair of malpractice lawsuits when we know St. Bonaventure has its own in-house attorney, Jessica (played in Seasons 1 and 4 by former series regular Beau Garrett)?

10 | Is Sarah Shahi’s new ABC pilot Judgement going to drop the extraneous “e” before it makes it to air, or nah?

11 | On Superman & Lois, why did the footage in the birthday montage of young Jonathan and Jordan look like it was shot in Smallville, when the family lived in Metropolis until recently?

12 | On Gotham Knights, as soon as it became public knowledge that Bruce Wayne is/was Batman, wouldn’t the cops have swarmed his mansion to find/secure all of the vigilante’s tech/gadgets?

13 | Could The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Ridge not have visited a barber during the weeks that he was secretly working with the feds to bust Sheila?

14 | The Mandalorian‘s Amnesty Program members aren’t implanted with GPS trackers…? The security droids roaming Coruscant don’t have auto-on facial recognition? There was no security cam footage from the train station or train that showed Elia was leading Dr. Pershing? And as asked by many, why would the not-a-mind flayer device be able to be set to known-to-be-dangerous levels?

15 | Ted LassoWhy is it that as Ted Lasso‘s Jamie evolves into a more mature person, his hair get progressively worse? No offense to portrayer Phil Dunster, but the Season 3 mushroom cut and highlights are, in a word, “poopeh!”

16 | There was no way for The Flash to avoid having almost no Barry or Iris in one of its very final 13 episodes? And why did everyone think that Khione’s powers would be ice-based, since none of her party tricks so far have suggested that?

17 | On The Conners, isn’t it becoming a little ridiculous just how little we see of Dan and Jackie’s spouses Louise and Neville? They’re referenced constantly, but Katey Sagal and Nat Faxon have only appeared in seven and four episodes, respectively, out of 18 episodes that have aired so far in Season 5. Like, shouldn’t Neville be present for a conversation about his and Jackie’s finances?

18 | Abbott Elementary viewers, are you not buying that Jacob wouldn’t know who Lee Daniels is?

19 | On A Million Little Things, wouldn’t the birthing class Gary and Maggie took have at least mentioned Braxton Hicks contractions? Are we supposed to think Gary’s panic is because he was too focused on making friends with Claire and Evan?

20 | Animal Control Farmer Wants a WifePure coincidence that Fox put up an Animal Control bug just as the cat misbehaved on Farmer Wants a Wife? Also, will the farmers who refused to send anyone home this week have to send two home next time?

21 | With Survivor‘s Matthew enduring a lot of pain during this week’s immunity challenge, do you think a possible medevac is in his future?

22 | On The Challenge: World Championship, wasn’t Jonna’s move to throw KellyAnne into elimination a bit sloppy considering her usual social prowess? And were you glad to see KellyAnne come out victorious?

23 | Given how much Shadow and Bone has deviated from the books, do we really think — spoiler alert — the Darkling is dead? Especially since we didn’t see his severed hand burned with the rest of his body? After that small moment between Tolya and Inej in the finale, are we now ‘shipping them while Kaz gets his act together? Between his freshly reunited country on the brink of war, that nichevo’ya injury looking to be a huge problem at some point, a Grisha attack during his coronation, and then his ally Alina showing signs of darkness, who did Nikolai anger to have such horrible luck?

24 | General Hospital fans, did you get a sense of déjà vu when, only months after Brando was “hooked,” Johnny Wactor died on yet another ABC show, Station 19?

25 | What’s weirder, that Grey’s Anatomy allowed those ridiculous Boston accents, or that some of them seemed to be dubbed in via ADR for the sisters’ last scene together? Also, should Owen and Teddy clue in Maggie and Winston to the fact that all it takes to get past marital discord is, apparently, a couple of sweeping apologies?

Daisy Jones26 | In Daisy Jones & the Six Episode 8, did Camila strolling through the airport in her fabulous, all-white outfit and hat make you long for the days when air travel was actually glamorous?

27 | Is Pepsi Zero Sugar running that Ben Stiller spot every half-hour on every channel, every day since the Super Bowl, or does it just feel that way?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!