Sistas Season Finale Revisits Painful Chapter From Danni's Past — Grade It!

Tyler Perry's Sistas Season 5 Episode 22 Finale

The Sistas staged an intervention for one of their own on Wednesday’s season finale. (Spoiler alert: It did not go well!)

Danni, or should we say “Daniella,” was ambushed by her fellow Sistas after Sabrina spread word that she was sleeping with the enemy. Concerned with (but “not judgmental” about) their friend’s recent risky behavior, the girls brought Danni back to a traumatic incident in college when a group of guys tried to take advantage of her at a frat party, a horrible experience that had quite a bit of “fallout.”

The girls even pressured Danni to get back with Preston, who’s “damn near perfect” compared to these randos she’s bringing home from the apps. They raised fair points, but Danni wasn’t open to hearing any of it, given the group’s collective track record for train-wreck relationships. To say she read them for filth wouldn’t even be fair. She eviscerated them.

“F–k you, Sabrina, you’re always the victim,” she said. “F–k you, Andi, and f–k you, Karen. You guys come into my home and attack me? Funny, it’s the same place that a man repeatedly slapped me, spat on me like a dog. At this very place. So you all can get the f–k out.” The girls refused to leave, even after Danni walked out of her own apartment, but we can’t feel like the Sista-hood has been fractured.

Preston later called Danni to let her know she left some things at her place, but she didn’t entertain the notion of anything more. She offered to drop his stuff outside her front door and left it at that.

Elsewhere in the Sista-verse this week…

Tyler Perry's Sistas Season 5 Episode 22 Finale* Karen’s troubles began when she interrupted Aaron’s (or is it “John’s”) full-blown brawl with that mystery lady. She screeched some mess at Karen about how she shouldn’t trust Aaron before departing with a hell of a goodbye slap. We want to be #TeamAaron in this fight, his promise to “explain everything… just not right at this moment” didn’t sit right with us. Or Pam. Karen’s day appeared to be looking up when Zac dropped by the salon to apologize, but she was — as Pam fairly warned him — in no mood to talk. “You’ve never been sorry a day in your life,” Karen told him, otherwise they wouldn’t be in this position. So Zac left the salon, unforgiven and without Karen’s signature. (As for the first look we posted this morning… are we crazy, or did that scene never happen?)

* Just when we finished processing the idea of Fatima having an estranged son, the finale revealed that “Joey” was merely an elaborate prank to show Zac how it feels to have strangers show up at their house with surprise kids. Then came negotiations with the mother of Zac’s very real son. The eager beaver couldn’t have been happier to sign his proposed agreement, basically agreeing to let Zac see the kid whenever he wants — and she was very excited to do so.

Tyler Perry's Sistas Season 5 Episode 22 Finale* After apologizing to Calvin for last week’s little freakout, Maurice vowed to [1] get all of his crap back from Que, and [2] make him confess to robbing the bank. It seemed easier said that done, but Maurice was very insistent about not being “that bitch,” so I was curious to see how it would all play out. He eventually confronted Que on the world’s sketchiest airport tarmac, but he was ready, pulling out a gun. We know it went off, but who got shot? We’ll have to wait until next season to find out!

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