Sistas Shocker: Fatima Has a [Spoiler]!

Sistas Fatima Son Baby Daddy

It looks like Zac isn’t the only half of #Zatima with tiny skeletons in his closet.

Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s Sistas (March 1) threw viewers for a loop by introducing a man who claimed to be — wait for it — the father of Fatima’s son. But he could have been lying, right? That’s certainly the answer Zac was hoping for when he awkwardly grilled the mystery man this week (March 8).

So, what did Zac learn from Joey, Fatima’s alleged baby daddy? If his word is to be believed, Fatima has a nine-year-old son in Washington, D.C. “She left me with the baby,” Joey said. “She didn’t want him.” When Zac asked why Joey was showing up after all these years, he replied, “He’s been asking a lot of questions. He wants to know his mother.”

Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual. In a promo for next week’s season finale (March 15), Fatima admits to being a mother after being confronted by Zac. “You have a nine-year-old son that you don’t see!” he says, to which she — without even missing a beat — replies, “Look, I don’t like the little bastard, OK?” Classic Fatima.

In all seriousness, though, how wild is it that Fatima has a son? Is this why she’s been relatively understanding of Zac’s many possible offsprings? Because she’s been carrying a secret of her own all these years? At the risk of being overdramatic, this could quite literally change everything.

As revealed in the finale promo, this #Zatima drama is just one of several insane storylines afoot. Like, who is this woman claiming to be with Aaron? Or is it “John”? And would Que really shoot Maurice? Actually, that last one was rhetorical. Que is a terrible person, of course he would shoot Maurice.

What are your thoughts on Fatima’s secret son? General hopes (and fears) for next week’s season finale? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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