Survivor Recap: Fake Idols Are Afoot, as Another Potential MedEvac Looms

Survivor 44 Jeff Probst

What’s more exciting than heaps of advantages permeating Survivor? Two fake idols, that’s what!

Color me tickled when Soka’s Danny did exactly what I suggested last week: He put his fake idol back inside the birdcage and re-hid the key! It really is the best play here, and most likely the one producers were hoping for. Unfortunately for the showmance, Matt takes the bait hook, line and sinker. Yet fortunately for the showmance, they don’t need to put their “idol” to use… this time. (More on that later.)

At Ratu, Jaime finds a brand spankin’ new “idol” by the water well, and since Brandon played his idol at their first Tribal, she assumes this li’l goodie simply re-entered the game. We were just about to celebrate the Plant Lady’s find, until a bit of editing trickery rewinds the clock (hourglass flashbacks, anyone?), showing us that it’s Matthew who found the real deal. We then watch as he crafts a fake idol out of beads, the original paperwork and some string, and voilà! Another fake idol is born. Despite the fact that he’s Jaime’s “Plant Daddy,” he’s happy to be able to put a target on someone else’s back if/when he finds himself in a pickle.

Survivor 44 MatthewIMMUNITY IS BACK UP FOR GRABS | At the challenge, a four-sided block puzzle stumps the Soka tribe, sending Team Green straight to Jeff’s Jeopardizing Jamboree. But before we get to that, a few things of note:

1) Claire sits out — again! — for Soka. She says she’s putting her ego aside to do what is best for the tribe, buuut I’m not so sure if that’s the real-deal there. That’s three-out-of-three immunity sit-outs for Claire, and regardless of the truth, it’s just not a good look. She’s certainly giving Queen Sandra a run for the sit-out crown though!

2) Matthew is in quite a lot of pain as his tribe digs through the sand to get under the beam. (Watch your heads, people!) Sure, his shoulder popped back in after his nasty fall (which could’ve been a lot worse), but how is this guy going to be able to survive the rest of the season’s challenges? I’m no doctor, but it seems like he’s in way more danger of it popping out again post-injury. Is another medevac in the cards for Season 44? I sure hope not, but we’ll have to wait and see.

3) I wish copying puzzles wasn’t allowed. On The Challenge, the second a team has cleared a puzzle, the players always destroy their creation to avoid people like Carson and Matt running over to copy the homework. A small gripe here, but it does make the challenge less exciting. (But hey — if I was a player and copying wasn’t against the rules, you can bet I’d follow suit. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.)

Jeff Probst Gargoyle THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN Early on in Soka’s strategizing, the huge, massive, obvious target that is Matt/Frannie is… not a target at all. All eyes fell on Claire for obvious reasons, and Josh, who no one seems to trust. Frannie and Matt want to keep Claire so they can work with her going forward, but with Matt having lost his vote, they need Heidi to make it happen.

Before the vote, Jeff gives us his best impression of a gargoyle. So while a fake idol does not come into play to create extra fireworks this time around, at least we have this photo for the rest of our days.

After a bit of discussion, Claire knows her butt’s on the line, so she smartly plays her Shot in the Dark… which doesn’t do squat. When the four votes are tallied by Jeff, they all read “Claire” and she becomes the fourth person to exit the game. (Read our Q&A with Claire here!)

Did Soka make the right call here? Who do you think should’ve left the game? Drop your comments below! 

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