Survivor Recap: Love Is in the Air — Plus, Who Found the Last Two Cage Keys?

Survivor Matt Frannie Showmance Episode 2

It’s been a long time since Survivor has seen a showmance out on the island (what with all the dirt, grime and not showering), but did two castaways just find their perfect match?

We could call Frannie and Matt’s relationship status a flirtmance at this point, but did you see those huge smiles? The looks in their eyes? Matt may be just getting over a tough break-up, but what is it they say? Love finds you when you least expect it? Former heartbreak aside, Frannie’s laugh makes his “heart gush,” and you can tell by how they both speak that he and she are totally smitten.

These two weren’t born yesterday. They know being seen as a duo will only make them a target. But they still can’t help it! They just want to keep going on long jungle walks and playing with bugs together. “Matt and I just can’t stop talking,” Frannie tells us. “I think we just gravitate towards each other. We’re just like two big dorky magnets that can’t be pulled apart!”

Now normally, I’m very against the idea of showmances. I didn’t care about Rob and Amber’s All Stars shenanigans, nor did I even remember David vs. Goliath‘s fling between Dan Rengering and Kara Kay until I Googled it just now. It’s just that, in my opinion, romance should never get in the way of gaming and strategy. There’s a million bucks on the line here, people! But I gotta say: Frannie and Matt are pulling on my Grinch-sized heartstrings. (A huge LOL to Claire’s face in this photo to the right. Guess she’s not too into showmances either.)

Alas, I wish them the best in the game and in life! Read on for the rest of the highlights from Episode 2.

KEY-PING IT REAL | Over at Tika, there’s a giant elephant in the jungle, and it’s in the form of a key that will unlock a mysterious birdcage. The tribe openly talks about it and agrees that they should all go out hunting. Not only is their tribe’s key found, but it’s located by the one person you might not have suspected: Carolyn! Not only am I pleased as punch that this wild card found the goods, but she sure as hell entertained us throughout her journey. She picks a carefully chosen time to unlock the cage and snag the idol, but when she goes back to camp, she realizes her major goof: She was the only one not with the tribe when she snagged the key, and she neglected to put the bag back to make it look like it hadn’t been touched!

Some tricky editing makes it look like she’s about to get caught, but she goes back to the cage to put the bag back and escapes scot-free. But when the rest of her tribe circles back, they realize the sack the idol was in looks loose, as if it’s been touched or jostled. They know someone opened that sucker up… but the question is who?

Relatedly, Danny finds the key and idol for Soka, which means that all of the available idols are now in play. But what left me scratching my head: Why didn’t anyone put the fake idol thingamajig inside the bag, lock the cage back up and then re-hide the key? Isn’t that the best move to make there?

Survivor Episode 2IMMUNITY IS BACK UP FOR GRABS | The challenge du jour is an obstacle course that includes sandbags, ropes, ladders and a bridge, and culminates with the ol’ maneuver-a-ball-up-a-snake-maze that we’ve seen a million times over. These repeated challenges are becoming a bit tiresome. Ratu’s Matthew destroys the snake task. Why? Because he built the thing in his backyard and practiced before flying out. Similarly, Carson noted that Survivor puzzles are always repeated, so he used a 3D printer and did some pre-gaming of his own. That’s incredibly smart on their parts, but also incredibly boring for us viewers. Unsurprisingly, Matthew gets the dub for Ratu, while Soka takes second. They win fishing gear along with their immunity, and send Tika on a date night with Jeffrey.

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN | Carolyn still feels like an outsider, but luckily for her, she’s armed and dangerous with her newly found idol. She also has Yam Yam on her side! But while Helen, Sarah and Carson agree that Carolyn’s the primary target, Carson plays both sides and promises his allegiance to Carlyn and Yam Yam. But who is he telling the truth to?

When they get to Tribal, Carolyn shockingly does not play her idol, and Carson writes down Helen’s name. Since Sarah can’t vote, three votes are all it takes to send Helen straight to Ponderosa.

Did you love the love this episode? Thoughts on kooky Carolyn? Let us know in the comments below!

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