9-1-1 Offers Grim Update on Buck's Condition — Watch Sneak Peek

Fresh off last week’s shocking 9-1-1 cliffhanger, Monday’s episode (Fox, 8/7c) picks up with Buck in the hospital, and the prognosis isn’t overwhelmingly encouraging.

TVLine’s exclusive first look finds Maddie arriving at the hospital for an update on her brother’s condition, and all I say is… at least Chimney is the one to break the news to her.

“I’m worried about Buck, and you,” a tearful Maddie tells him. “What happened?” Chimney can barely hold back his own tears recalling his own near-death ordeal.

To be fair, we probably shouldn’t be surprised by this dramatic update. After all, Buck “got hit by lightning, and his heart has stopped,” executive producer Kristen Reidel reminded TVLine last week. “We’ll see in the next episode that getting your heart restarted is not a thing that happens immediately. There is definite concern, and not just the immediate concern of ‘Oh no, is Buck OK?’ There are also long-term concerns, like what the after effects of this will be.”

And for a guy in a coma, Buck is going to be busier than anyone this week. “As Buck’s life hangs in the balance, he dreams of a world where he never became a firefighter, for better and worse,” according to the official synopsis. In a nutshell, we’re getting Buck’s version of It’s a Wonderful Life, complete with familiar faces (both good and bad).

Hit PLAY on the video above for an exclusive first look at tonight’s episode, then drop a comment with your thoughts on this Buck-wild storyline below.

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