Post Mortems

9-1-1 Midseason Premiere Leaves [Spoiler]'s Fate in Limbo — EP Teases 'After Effects' For Everyone in the 118

911 Buck Dies Oliver Stark

9-1-1 returned from its four-month hiatus on Monday with a bang — several, actually — as the 118 dealt with a surge of electricity hammering Los Angeles, including one bolt that left a beloved character down for the count.

A particularly devastating call at the end of the hour resulted in Buck being struck by lightning, and to say that things aren’t looking good for Oliver Stark‘s character would be a grave (sorry, too soon!) understatement.

“He got hit by lightning, and his heart has stopped,” executive producer Kristen Reidel confirms to TVLine. “We’ll see in the next episode that getting your heart restarted is not a thing that happens immediately. There is definite concern, and not just the immediate concern of ‘Oh no, is Buck OK?’ There are also long-term concerns, like what the after effects of this will be.”

(For what it’s worth, a promo for next week’s episode reveals that Buck will find himself in an It’s a Wonderful Life-style coma dream. So to paraphrase Nashville‘s Juliette Barnes, don’t throw dirt on his grave just yet.)

Grade Monday’s shocking premiere below, then read on for some teases of what’s still to come, courtesy of Reidel: When will Team Grant/Nash get to the bottom of the big Wendell mystery? How will Hen and Karen eventually react to Denny and Nathaniel’s secret? And which member of the 118 will be most significantly impacted by Buck’s tragedy — you know, besides Buck himself?