Sex/Life Recap: Breakups, Weddings and Game-Changing Confessions in the Season 2 Finale — Plus, Grade It!

Sex/Life Season 2

Cooper hadn’t stopped blaming Billie for everything that happened in his life since their marriage fell apart, and that led to this moment at the start of Sex/Life‘s Season 2 finale: realizing he was in deep trouble for driving while intoxicated and flipping the expensive car he borrowed.

Luckily, he wasn’t seriously injured and quickly posted bail after being booked at the police precinct. That was the wakeup call he needed to finally confront his feelings and get his life back on track. “You are the love of my life of my life, but I’m not yours,” Cooper told Billie, “and that hurts so damn much.”

Cooper attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and opened up about his experience, admitting he hadn’t been a good guy lately. He even decided to give “boring” Emily a call. Oh, and Devon was thriving after the accident, showing off his “enhancements” after undergoing reconstructive surgery.

Sex/Life Season 2Kam’s offer for Sasha to move with him to Singapore weighed on the couple. Since Sasha chose not to drop everything for him again, he made it clear that this was goodbye for them. However, Sasha changed her mind at her book launch. Rushing to the airport as a grand gesture, she was ready to make the big leap and move with him. There was just one problem with that: Kam had already decided he was staying in New York to be with her.

As for Majid and Billie, they fell apart quickly. Majid agreed to take Billie’s son Hudson to a baseball game but changed plans when he had a work emergency. A bustling restaurant was no place for the young boy, who distracted a cook and started a massive kitchen fire. Majid then yelled at Hudson for not being where he wasn’t supposed to, and the scared child ran off when Majid wasn’t looking.

Billie was furious at Majid for not only losing her son but also neglecting to tell her he didn’t take him to the baseball game as planned. That’s when Brad showed up — he was one of the investors Majid called — and immediately knew where to look. He and Billie found Hudson at a nearby park, and Brad was able to get both mother and son laughing again. They walked back to the scene looking like a family unit, and it was obvious things with Majid weren’t going to work out. (That extra-long hug between Billie and Brad? Come on, now!)

In their next encounter, Majid admitted to Billie that he was no good with kids, and Billie couldn’t compartmentalize her life for him, so their relationship came to an amicable end.

Sex/Life Season 2Billie finally earned her doctorate degree and celebrated with dinner, where Cooper revealed that he planned to propose to Emily. As it turned out, one can have two great loves. Jumping ahead to Kam and Sasha’s wedding, Billie toasted the happy couple and then immediately saw Brad.

Brad revealed that he and Gigi were no longer together and that he was now single. It was the first time since they initially broke up that they were both available for each other. When Brad told her it was always her and he never stopped being hers, it was a done deal. We ended the season at Billie and Brad’s wedding on the beach. As she approached him at the end of the aisle, she revealed that she was pregnant. Brad was elated.

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