A Million Little Things Recap: Regina Is Shocked By an Unexpected Reunion


A Million Little Things loves having characters we’ve forgotten about pop up when we least expect them to. In keeping with that tradition, this week’s episode finds Regina coming face-to-face with Dustin, a customer from her restaurant whom we last saw in Season 3.

The unexpected interaction took place at an encampment of unhoused people, many of them displaced when the tents near Regina’s food truck were razed a few episodes back. Earlier in the episode, Regina and Sophie had gone there looking for Alex Joseph, the man who sang with Soph during the lunchtime rush. After Sophie discovered he’d been taken to Boston General by ambulance, she and Regina called the hospital and learned his fate: He’d died the day before.

Wanting to honor his memory and make life better for his friends, the women returned to the encampment with sandwiches they’d made on the truck. As Regina handed out the last two, she made eye contact with a man she instantly recognized as Dustin, one of Someday’s regulars. She flashes back to the conversation she had in the Season 3 finale, when he told her that his wife had passed away and that it had been a very hard year.

Though Dustin immediately tries to leave, she calls his name, and he slowly turns back to face her as the episode ends.

In other Friends of Jon news: 

* While Greta watched Theo while Katherine was in court, the cat Theo’d been feeding attacked a bird Theo had gotten attached to. Eddie, Greta and Theo rushed the animal to the vet, but it wound up having to be euthanized. A distraught Theo said he didn’t want to give up on the bird because “that’s what Uncle Jon did.” A stricken Eddie realized that Theo had heard him say something similar the night Jon died, so he calmly explained to his distraught son how he’d been wrong. Then they had a discussion about depression, and Greta helped Theo feel better about the decision to end the bird’s suffering. When they got home, Theo and Greta realized the bird had a nest full of babies, and vowed to take care of them.

* After Walter nearly set his kitchen on fire while making breakfast, Rome and Regina interviewed several potential home health aides to help him. But after Walter hated the best candidate, Rome realized that the best option would be for Walter to move into Tyrell’s empty room, and Walter said he would.

* Gary and Maggie made new friends: a couple from their birthing class, a stand-up comedian named Evan (played by Ty Barnett, ‘Til Death) and a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor named Claire (Johanna Braddy, Quantico). Gary was thrown a little, though, when Maggie suddenly wanted to explore the possibility of an at-home birth after talking about it with Claire.

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