Did Magnum's Baywatch Strut Sizzle? Is The Conners Making a Mistake? Was Way Home Montage All That? More Qs!

Magnum PI Sexy Lifeguards

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including The Conners, Magnum P.I., The Last of Us and The Way Home!

The Last of Us1 | Couldn’t/shouldn’t The Last of Us at least played a little with hair/stubble lengths coming out of a three-month time jump? Or is Joel traveling with a Braun beard trimmer and mirror?

2 | How/when did The Company You Keep‘s Charlie get Emma’s home address? And didn’t he move on a bit too quickly from his fiancée Tina to Emma? And as much as we love character actor Timothy V. Murphy, between S.W.A.T., Law & Order: Organized Crime and now The Company You Keep, is he hogging all the Irish crime boss roles?

3 | Is Hallmark Channel the last place you expected a character (as in The Way Home) to argue that love is love… between a teenager and a 40-year-old?! On a totally different note, how delightful was it to see Chyler Leigh once again pay homage to She’s All That? (See clip below; Leigh also played the Rachael Leigh Cook role in Not Another Teen Movie!)

4 | Magnum PI In Sunday’s second Magnum P.I. episode, did you notice that Thomas and Juliet — when chasing after a POI — totally left open the door of the surveillance van parked on a busy street with all that expensive equipment inside? Also in Episode 2, was the slo-mo reveal of #Miggy’s undercover lifeguard personae easily the sexiest thing on TV this year so far?

5 | What’s with these All American characters — first Spencer, now Patience — turning their cell phones completely off when they don’t want to be interrupted? Don’t they know about Do Not Disturb?

6 | The Bachelor viewers, were you impressed — in a “Ron Burgundy learns his dog ate a whole wheel of cheese” kind of way — that they still managed to air a full, two-hour episode this week even though Zach got COVID early on and had to be isolated? And why didn’t Gabi have to isolate, since she spent the whole day with Zach before he fell ill…?

7 | Was Melinda Clarke’s Fantasy Island adventure too “out there” and almost unsettling to watch at times?

8 | Now that Alert: MPU‘s “Keith or Not Keith?” mystery has seemingly been resolved (and in a [Yawn!] manner)… will you keep watching? Also, weren’t Jason and Nikki pretty chill upon learning that Sydney watched Keith fall through some ice (!) and drown (!!) years ago, yet never said anything??

Night Court Kurt Fuller9 | On Night Court, when the subway rider suggested Law & Order was the longest-running TV show with an ampersand in the title, he meant Law & Order: SVU… right? Any did other eagle-eyed viewers spot Evil actor (and upcoming Night Court guest star) Kurt Fuller on the 6 train campaign ad for District Attorney Jeff Dewitt?

10 | Did the La Brea wedding reception music/revelry remind you of the Ewok celebration on Endor? And how odd was it that the show had Lucas conspicuously run away and hide during the swarm, meaning he wasn’t around for girlfriend Veronica’s greatest time of need? (Add him to our Bad Boyfriends list?)

11 | 9-1-1: Lone Star‘s Marjan receives a formal complaint for calling someone “crazy,” while Paul faces no repercussions whatsoever for intentionally knocking someone unconscious during a rescue? Where’s his punishment?

12 | Is The Connerslatest pregnancy storyline a mistake? They barely have storylines for Harris and Mark, and never give Mary or Beverly Rose anything to do. Why add yet another kid to the mix?

13 | In Tough as Nails‘ excavator/cement bag challenge, were these progress graphics pretty useless, seeing as they would only appear for a half-second at a time?

Tough as Nails

14 | Couldn’t Barry have simply recruited his team of rogues as The Flash, and saved everyone a lot of time? Seeing as no one seemed to care at all when his superhero identity got outed?

15 | On A Million Little Things, wasn’t it odd that Maggie’s hyperemesis gravidarum, which was such a pivotal detail in last week’s episode, wasn’t mentioned or witnessed in this week’s? And, did Dr. Jessica really do anything wrong? (IOW, wasn’t Gary’s end-of-hour rant a little petty?)

16 | Will The Goldbergs pull a That ’70s Show with its series finale and have everyone gather to ring in the new decade — which, in this case, would be the 1990s?

17 | Is anyone still rooting for Grey’s Anatomy‘s Meredith and Nick to live happily ever? Anyone? Also, is it too soon to start ‘shipping Helm and Mika?

18 | Did you catch SVU‘s sly nod to Mariska Hargitay’s parentage, via guest star Bradley Whitford’s line about Benson having a “face like Jayne Mansfield?”

19 | Oscars logoDoesn’t the logo for this year’s 95th Academy Awards look like it’s for the 1995 telecast?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!