Avengers Musical From Hawkeye Will (Sorta) Come to Life This Summer

I could do this all dayyyyy! (If by “this,” you mean “eat fried turkey legs” at Disneyland.)

It was announced on Thursday that Rogers: The Musical — the (fictional) Broadway show within the MCU TV series Hawkeye — has booked a “limited time” engagement this summer at the Hyperion Stage inside the Disneyland-adjacent Disney California Adventure Park.

Further details on the short, one-act musical are to come; watch the Peggy Carter-centric teaser below.

Rogers: The Musical made its debut in the very first episode of Hawkeye, which streamed on Disney+ in late November/December 2021 and starred Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld. Following a harrowing cold open that truly revisited the Battle of New York (from 2012’s The Avengers), Hawkeye leaped forward to present-day Broadway, where Clint Barton (with his three kids) endured a performance of Rogers: The Musical.

The fictional production featured mid-budget takes on the Avengers, as the showstopper “Save the City” (listen to it in full above) recounted the heroes’ defeat of Loki and the Chitauri.

Clint, we and his daughter Lila came to realize, had his hearing aid dialed down throughout, but paid attention enough to note that Ant-Man, for one, wasn’t even there for the Battle of New York! A spotlight on Black Widow, meanwhile, clearly was #TooSoon for Clint, who of course saw his dear friend sacrifice her life in Endgame.

For this show-within-a-show, Hawkeye enlisted the one-two punch of Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman — whose songwriting credits include Hairspray (for which they won a Tony and a Grammy), TV’s Broadway-adjacent Smash and the movie Mary Poppins Returns. (Learn much more about their crafting of “Save the City” lyrics here.)