Hawkeye's Musical Mystery Solved: Who Knew All Those Avengers Details?


As fun as the lyrics to Rogers: The Musical — the Broadway show within Disney+’s Hawkeye — are, they do invite the question: What layman lyricist possibly knew that Steve Rogers was known to say, “I could do this all day,” or that the team inhaled some shawarma following the Battle of New York?

On the latter matter, I for one assumed that the shopkeeper we saw in the background of The Avengers‘ shawarma scene simply ran to Page Six once the dust literary settled, to drum up business with tales of their “super” customers. But we have only seen Cap boast, “I could do this all day” in the company of, like, one other person or so each time — and in one of those instances, he was with himself!

Lucky for us, the folks over at Inverse ran this question by Broadway vet Marc Shaiman, who with co-lyrcist Scott Wittman put all that insider info into the Rogers: The Musical characters’ mouths.

“We talked about that with [Hawkeye showrunner] Rhys Thomas,” Shaiman said. “We just figured in the universe, people writing a musical or writing a book or writing a magazine article would’ve done their due diligence and homework and interviewed people who had been there.”

Shaiman also posited that an Avenger him/herself might have “post mortemed” their epic clashes, for the press.

“Perhaps, even in things that we’ve never seen, members of the Avengers had actually given interviews about this or that,” Shaiman said. “Natasha in some interview on CNN might have said, ‘Oh, you know this guy — he’s always like, ‘I could do this all day.’” It could have come up somehow.

“The same thing applies to including lyrics about ‘getting some shawarma when we’re done,” he added. “[W]e just figured that they don’t say these things in a total vacuum.”

Shaiman said that the presumptive approach that he and Wittman took passed muster at Marvel, which is always careful to control messaging. “From [Marvel Studios boss] Kevin Feige on down, they were like, ‘This is good.'”

And as for the one thing that they got “wrong” — including an Ant-Man character on-stage, even though, as theatergoer Clint grumbled, he wasn’t even on hand for the BoNY — Shaiman says, “That came from [showrunner] Rhys and Marvel, as something to further aggravate Hawkeye as he watched the show, and also as a comment on how movies and articles and people always get something wrong.”

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