Yellowstone Star Ponders John Dutton's Demise: 'We're Always Ready to Die'

Given recent reports of alleged difficulties working out Kevin Costner’s shooting schedule on the back half of Yellowstone’s Season 5, it seems well within the realm of possibilities that John Dutton won’t survive to see Season 6 (or whatever new form the Paramount Network hit takes). Certainly, Wes Bentley has considered the implications for Jamie, the adopted son that John despises. In fact, it’s been on his mind for a long time.

“I thought about this in Season 1,” the actor told TVLine at SCAD TVFest, “because it’s always a possibility in TV, right? We’re always ready to die… [And John] really has got this hypnotic pull on Jamie.”

Before the Dutton family’s patriarch stomped on Jamie’s gubernatorial dreams like they were a cigarette butt, John’s death would have rocked him to the core. “Jamie would have been completely lost,” suggested his portrayer. “Maybe part of him would be frantic trying to take care of the ranch.

“I really do think he means what he says,” he added. “He would feel that burden and maybe panic.”

Now, however… Well, it’s a different story altogether. “After John ran for governor and became the thing he said he hated, Jamie started to have a change of perspective,” Bentley noted. “Maybe John is not this tough guy he says he is. Maybe John doesn’t have ideas. Maybe he’s just another guy like the rest of them.

“That’s the loss of the pedestal [he was on],” he continued. “The deity is gone. I think that’s why Jamie’s choosing to try to have him killed. [He realizes that his] life would be much better without him, which is a big change for Jamie.”

Season 5 of Yellowstone is set to pick up this summer. (With reporting by Kim Roots)

Hit the comments with your thoughts: Would the show really ever kill off Costner’s character?

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