Conners Shocker: How Bev Protected Roseanne and Jackie From Their Father

Wednesday’s Conners culminated in a devastating reveal about Roseanne and Jackie’s childhood — one that has Jackie see her emotionally manipulative mother in a whole new light.

While searching for a caregiver for Bev, Jackie learned — via her mother’s medical history — that Bev once took a beating from Al to shield her daughters from their physically abusive father. Afterward, Bev sent Roseanne and Jackie to stay with Nana Mary — not because she was an unfit parent, as Jackie had always assumed, but because she didn’t want her kids to find out that Al broke her arm.

Al was previously portrayed by the late John Randolph, who appeared twice during Roseanne‘s first two seasons. Then in Season 4, it was revealed that the seemingly harmless patriarch was not such a nice guy. Not only did he have a secret mistress for over 20 years, but he was abusive throughout Roseanne and Jackie’s childhood. The character was killed off in the classic Season 5 episode “Wait Till Your Father Gets Home,” which culminated in Roseanne reading off a list of all the things she hated about her dad.

Al and Bev Harris on 'Roseanne'Parsons continued to appear as Bev for the remainder of Roseanne‘s original nine-season run, then returned for several episodes of the 2018 revival and The Conners, which is currently in Season 5. In a November episode, it was revealed that Bev is battling Alzheimer’s disease, forcing Jackie to put her resentment aside and care for the woman she blames for everything that’s gone wrong in her life.

TVLine previously spoke to executive producers Bruce Helford and Dave Caplan about the toll Bev’s dementia will take on Jackie, which you can read more about here.

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