Quantum Leap Writer Says Waiting Room Is 'Dead' in NBC's Continuation

Quantum Leap Waiting Room

Where do the Leap Hosts go when Quantum Leap’s Ben Song jumps into them? That’s a question many have been asking since NBC’s continuation premiered back in September.

In the original series starring Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett, those being leapt into would enter an empty waiting room that featured a white table and a single door to exit. They were then interrogated for information that could help Sam during his leaps.

The revival does not include the waiting room in any of its Season 1 episodes so far, and the team relies on Ziggy’s algorithm for vital updates during Ben’s leaps.

“I think the waiting room is dead,” writer, actor and director Shakina Nayfack tells TVLine. “I think the waiting room is Quantum Leap of the 1980s and 1990s, and we have a different way of expressing where the Leap Host goes during the leap.”

The subject was briefly addressed earlier this season when Magic opened up about his experience of being leapt into by Sam during the OG show’s Season 3 episode “The Leap Home, Part 2 (Vietnam),” with Christopher Kirby playing a young Magic.

Ernie Hudson in Quantum LeapIn Episode 4, the army vet described it as feeling like a nudge, like he was “standing on one side of a door and on the other side, someone had gently pushed against it.” Magic said yes to the nudge and let that person in. Then everything went black, and he came to a day later, not remembering what happened. He kept having vivid dreams of Sam, and that led to him restarting the Quantum Leap project.

Monday’s episode also touched on what happens to a Leap Host with the reveal that — SPOILER ALERT — Ian leapt into a new character named Dottie, who didn’t recall meeting Ben right before Ben’s unauthorized leap. She kept having similar vivid dreams of Ian and sketched their face on paper.

“Let’s say you did lose time for a week,” Magic said in the episode. “To everyone, you were still Dottie doing everything Dottie does. But did you ever stop to think about who was behind the wheel? Who was driving you like a bus the whole time?”

So don’t expect to see a waiting room in the show anytime soon, if ever.

How are you feeling about Quantum Leap not having a waiting room? Let us know your thoughts and predictions below.

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