Did You Cheer Jeopardy! Champ's Loss? Quantum Leap 'Puzzle' Too Easy? Does La Brea Bottle Its Own Wine? More Qs!

Jeopardy Jake Mannerisms

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including The Last of Us, Jeopardy!, The Bachelor, Waller and more!

1 | Since The Last of Us‘ Bill is a paranoid survivalist with contingency plans for everything, why did he rush out into the middle of the street when raiders attacked and shoot at them wearing no protection at all, leading him to take a bullet?

2 | In a TV landscape that has given us the likes of Quibi, Freevee and (yes, it’s real) WOW Presents Plus, is “Paramount+ With Showtime” perhaps the clunkiest service name yet? Like, how will that fit in a little rectangle on your on-screen cable guide?

3 | Has Fire Country completely dropped the C-storyline about Eve and the bar owner? Oh, and remember how Bode’s first girlfriend conspicuously appeared in the previous episode to… serve what purpose, exactly?

4 | Quantum LeapOn Quantum Leap, Dr. Wolsey is able to build advanced nuclear tech but somehow doesn’t know how to destroy top secret files that someone — in this case Ben — can’t easily piece back together? Why rip them up in the first place if the pieces are this big?

5 | Does Alert: Missing Person Unit‘s Kemi — she of the past lives/lovers and all the candles and eggs — feel like a character around whom a TV pilot was once based, but ultimately was just added to this show?

6 | So, The Bachelor is so deathly dull this season that they really had to bring in a villain from a previous season, Tahzjuan, to stir the pot by crashing the group date and announcing she’s interested in Zach, too?

7 | Couldn’t The Watchful Eye‘s Elena just download the schedule app to her phone?

8 | Isn’t it odd that Nia Jax returned at the Royal Rumble but didn’t appear on WWE RAW? Didn’t she shout that she was back during the Rumble?

Titans Paradise Island

Titans‘ Themyscira

9 | If DC’s Waller series is, as James Gunn has said, basically a placeholder until Peacemaker Season 2 (since Gunn is to busy to make the latter), what will it be about exactly? Suicide Squad Lite? Also, which Canadian province will have to pass itself as the Wonder Woman prequel’s island of Themyscira? (Or did Titans serve as a good cautionary tale about that?)

10 | How annoyed are the EPs of The Good Wife‘s Elsbeth-centered spinoff that the Good Doctor spinoff beat them to the title The Good Lawyer?

11 | Was it maybe a bit too sunny outside at American Auto‘s Detroit-based Payne Motors while Katherine was in NYC taping her ~6pm appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers?

12 | First, How I Met Your Father‘s Charlie refers to himself as “tall and curious” in the premiere. Then in Episode 2, he says he “should’ve had that threesome with Chip and Joanna Gaines when I had the chance.” Are we to assume the character is bisexual? And be honest: How many of you would happily watch Sarah Paulson in Lowering the Barr: The Life and Unhinging of Roseanne Barr if it was a real show?

La Brea Flares13 | On La Brea, Ⓐ did the twisted ankle that had Josh barely able to move in Episode 1 seem to instantly heal once everyone split up to search for Wyatt’s killer? (Meaning, it was clearly just a plot device to briefly split him from his family.) Ⓑ How did those flares land so perfectly on the shallow cave ledge as Eve tumbled down? Ⓒ Are Lucas and Scott as murder investigators the show’s best use of the characters yet? Ⓓ Is James judicious with how much bottled fine wine he drinks, or is there a vineyard nearby? Ⓔ And where we these now-ubiquitous star-shaped red flowers in the first 1-1/2 seasons?

14 | The Winchesters viewers, did the scene of the semi T-boning a car with three passengers remind you of Supernatural‘s Season 1 finale cliffhanger?

15 | Jeopardy! fans: On a scale of 1-10, how overjoyed were you when Jake DeArruda — the gratingly animated and smug-seeming three-day champ — was dethroned this week?

16 | Does The Challenge really think we want to see a montage of the finalists puking on every single season? And how badly did you feel for poor Olivia and Horacio? Were they the best rookies the show has ever seen?

17 | Did you have to laugh at how Criminal Minds: Evolution‘s Tyler dialed a phone number and instantly had a human being on the line ready to take his airline reservation? Also, when Tyler had his gun aimed at Elias, couldn’t Rossi have just fallen limp/turned to dead weight, so that Elias drops him and is exposed to be shot?

18 | Is anyone busier than Wendie Malick, who this week alone popped up on Night Court, Young Sheldon and Shrinking?

19 | We know it was sorta played for comedy, but that Ghosts kiss inside the trap was pretty hot, right…?

Law & Order: Organized Crime - Season 320 | Did you have any doubt that when Law & Order: Organized Crime‘s Jet barged unto Bell’s apartment “drunk” and woefully “in love with Seamus,” she was putting on an act to make a point? When Seamus was shocked to realize she was wearing a wig, is that proof positive that they hadn’t gotten too amorous? (And couldn’t she have kept her cover by playing it off as a cosmetic choice?)

21 | Is Shrinking‘s Gaby supposed to be older than 33-year-old portrayer Jessica Williams? How else do you explain her being godmother to Jimmy’s 17-year-old daughter Alice? And which musical moment did you enjoy more in Episode 3: Gaby jamming out to “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” by Nine Days on her drive to work, or Jimmy grief-cycling to “I Know the End” by Phoebe Bridgers?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share! 

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