A Million Little Things Video: Get Caught Up Before the Final Season

If you’ve lost touch with the Friends of Jon over the past year or so, have no fear: A Million Little Things is going to make sure you’re all caught up before the drama’s upcoming final season.

In the exclusive video above, series stars James Roday Rodriguez, David Giuntoli, Lizzy Greene, Grace Park, Cameron Esposito, Allison Miller, Romany Malco and Christina Moses walk you through the major events of Season 4. Gary and Maggie’s reunion! Rome’s teaching gig! Eddie and Anna’s courtship-with-secrets! Regina’s decision to open a food truck! Katherine’s coming out!

And, of course, the biggest (aka most devastating) bombshell of the season: Gary’s second bout with cancer, which was revealed not long after we learned his and Maggie’s other big news: They’re going to become parents.

Ahead of the ABC series’ final season premiere on Wednesday, Feb. 8 (10/9c), allow the cast — including Stephanie Szostak (!) who in on board to return as Delilah — to fill you in on any details you might’ve forgotten over the past few months. And while you attempt to guess what this season’s “card flips” — or surprises, in the parlance of series creator DJ Nash — might be, keep this in mind.

“The happiest moments of your life sometimes butt up against some of the saddest moments of your life,” the executive producer told TVLine after the Season 4 finale, “and just when you think you can’t take anymore, sometimes the world gives you a reason to laugh. You just have to be open to it.”

Press PLAY on the video above to get caught up, then hit the comments with your thoughts/predictions/wishes/concerns about A Million Little Things‘ final season!

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