SNL Video: Michael B. Jordan's Creepy 'Jake From State Farm' Steals a Family

That Jake from State Farm seems like a nice boy, doesn’t he? Well, not after this he won’t. This week’s Saturday Night Live host Michael B. Jordan skewers the beloved insurance spokesman in a commercial parody that goes from fun to frightening in pretty short order.

The sketch starts out like an ordinary commercial: Jake from State Farm shows up at the home of a couple played by Mikey Day and Heidi Gardner after some minor household disaster. Day heads off to work and finds, when he returns that evening, that Jake is still there playing with the kids and flirting with his wife.

What follows is your standard boy meets girl, boy loses girl to endearing insurance mascot, insurance mascot replaces boy as husband and father, boy is driven slowly mad and forced to sleep on the couch. You know, that old trope.

In truth, this is some fairly well-trod comedy ground. Take innocuous family-friendly property, make it horror — and is there anything more innocent than TV characters selling insurance? But Jordan’s commitment to the scary, intense stalker Jake juxtaposed with the requisite “Bundle Home & Auto” and “Rate Match” graphics of a legitimate State Farm commercial really help set this parody apart. You’ll never see a State Farm polo shirt the same way again.

The sketch also features cameos from other TV insurance icons; Andrew Dismukes swoops in to save the day as one. Which begs the question: Why is there a reality show about dudes slapping each other, but there’s no show about Flo from Progressive, Mayhem from Allstate, the AFLAC Duck and the rest fighting it out in the Octagon to decide who has the best coverage?

The commercial parody wasn’t the only moment first-time host Jordan shined. During his opening monologue, the actor joked about his early start on All My Children and a recent breakup.

Watch the skit embedded above, then weigh in on MBJ’s hosting debut.


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