Chicago P.D. Recap: Sean Returns — Plus, Is #Upstead Headed for Divorce?

Chicago PD's Tracy Spiridakos with Jefferson White

All is not well with Chicago P.D.‘s Halstead and Upton, it seems.

Halstead — who took a new job out of the country without first discussing it with his wife— has not been returning her calls and just made it clear that he has no intention of coming home anytime soon.

Kicking off Wednesday’s episode with the camera panning over framed photos of the happy couple together felt especially disheartening, since it was immediately followed by Upton leaving yet another message for her absentee husband. (He’s currently in Bolivia leading a squad that tracks the worst drug cartel targets.)

“I’m not sure if you’re even getting these,” she said through voicemail, “but I was just wondering if you heard a date yet. Call me when you can. Love you.”

With her partner quasi-ghosting her, Upton also had to deal with Sean (Yellowstone‘s Jefferson White), who returned in this week’s episode still obsessed with her. He’d been blowing up her phone with calls from jail and even hit up Platt (on her home phone, mind you!) trying to reach the Intelligence cop. His excuse was that he secured intel on their latest case involving a mother who’d been abducted in front of her son.

Of course, Sean’s help came with some strings. He wouldn’t share this important information unless Upton agreed to a deal: Visit him once a week, and he’d act as her criminal informant. Since Intelligence had nothing to go on so far, Upton took the bargain.

She immediately regretted it as Sean, working undercover for them in jail, went into graphic detail about one of his underage victims to coerce more information out of their prime suspect. Upton expressed her disgust at what he was doing, and Burgess reminded her that Sean couldn’t hurt that girl anymore.

Intelligence eventually found their kidnapped woman alive, uncovering new details that pointed to her father being into some shady business. But since father and daughter refused to say anything, it was case closed for now.

Upton then called up Major Baxter for an update on her husband. That’s when she found out that Halstead asked for an extension of his current tour, and she broke down crying.

She later visited Sean in prison to call off their deal. The detective was never going back to see him again. “I can’t have you in my life,” Upton told him. “It’s not right. It’s not for me. I’m done.”

Leave it to Sean to know exactly which strings to pull. “That’s a good speech,” he hit back. “You’re just giving it to the wrong person.”

How did you feel about this week’s Chicago P.D.? Do you think an #Upstead split is imminent?