Sistas' Baby Bombshell Sparks Fierce Debate: Is Karen Telling the Truth?

Sistas Karen Pregnant Zac Baby

Hundreds of TVLine readers can’t be wrong: Karen Mott is up to something.

Since what feels like the dawn of time, Sistas fans have longed to I.D. the father of Karen’s unborn child. Is it Zac, Karen’s ex-boyfriend and one half of the titular Zatima? Or is it Aaron, the kindly pastor whose first name rhymes with her own?

Wednesday’s episode, which aired nearly a full calendar year after Karen became pregnant, finally gave us an answer. But is it the answer? A casual scroll through the comments section of our story about the big announcement suggests that most viewers aren’t taking Karen at her word.

“Since she was adamant on the baby being conceived on the 19th not the 12th, I think she is lying,” commenter Rasheeda says of Karen’s reveal that Zac is (allegedly) the father.

Commenter Wanda adds that Karen is clearly lying because “she wants to hurt Zac and Fatima. But it’s not going to work. That paternity test will show the truth. Karen can’t let go. Dang.”

There’s also a significant portion of the fandom that’s desperate to move past this egregiously drawn-out storyline, which commenter Flo calls “a turn off.”

Here’s my two cents: For the sake of dramatic storytelling, it makes perfect sense for Karen to claim that the baby is Zac’s, lest she actually be forced to finally let him go. But for the sake of the viewers’ collective sanity, can it please not be Zac’s? This trio’s dynamics are complicated enough, and that’s not even taking into consideration that there’s a whole #Zatima-focused spinoff happening on the side. Just let that baby be Aaron’s so we can all get on with our lives.

But hey, even amidst all this uncertainty about Karen’s baby, at least there’s one thing upon which every commenter seems to agree: “I can’t stand Que.” So say we all.

OK, time to put it to an official vote: Is Karen lying about the baby being Zac’s? Weigh in via our poll below, then drop a comment with more of your thoughts on this never-ending mystery.