Sistas' Karen Finally Reveals the Father of Her Baby — But Do You Believe Her?

Sistas Karen Baby Daddy

The most drawn-out pregnancy in television history just hit a key milestone, and not a moment too soon.

It’s been nearly a full calendar year since fans of Tyler Perry’s Sistas learned that Karen was pregnant, and while she may not even be showing yet, at least we can say we finally know the identity of the child’s father. According to Karen’s hunch, anyway.

And it’s been a hell of a road to get us here, with Karen constantly ping-ponging between ex-boyfriend Zac  — who has not only moved on with Fatima, but might also have at least one other baby chilling out there in the world — and newer squeeze Aaron, who continues to fight for Karen despite her keeping him at arm’s length.

So, who was revealed to the baby’s father during Sistas‘ Jan. 4 episode? Drumroll please… Zac!

“It’s Zac’s baby,” Karen told Danni and Andi at the top of the hour. When asked if she was sure, Karen told Andi, “Yeah, so you can go ahead and tell your friend that. Don’t act like you won’t.” When Danni pressed her for further confirmation, Karen added, “I always knew it was his.”

With that burning question finally extinguished, now we just have to wait for Karen to actually give birth, an event that will likely be saved for the series finale several years from now. (And we’re only half-kidding.)

Tell us, Sistas fans, is this the outcome you expected? Do you believe that Karen is telling the truth, or does she just want Zac to be the father? We’re guessing you have some mixed emotions right about now, so feel free to drop ’em all in a comment below.

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