Poker Face Trailer: Natasha Lyonne Is a 'Human Lie Detector' in Peacock Drama From Knives Out's Rian Johnson

Don’t try pulling one over on Poker Face‘s Charlie Cale. She’ll sniff it out from a mile away.

Natasha Lyonne stars as an amateur sleuth who can always tell when someone is lying in Peacock’s new mystery series Poker Face, debuting Thursday, Jan. 26 on the streamer. In the just-released official trailer — which you can watch above — Lyonne’s Charlie roams from town to town in her vintage Plymouth Barracuda and solves crimes using her special gift. “There’s nothing mystical about it,” Charlie insists. “I can just tell.” And no, it’s not “women’s intuition,” like a character played by Luis Guzman suggests. “It’s not like a tampon commercial, OK?” Charlie tells him. “It’s a real thing!”

The trailer also offers a peek at Benjamin Bratt as a sinister henchman tasked with bringing in Charlie — it seems like plenty of people want Charlie dead, or at least out of the picture — along with a who’s who of familiar faces from Adrien Brody and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Chloe Sevigny and Ellen Barkin (who tells Charlie, “You watch too much Dateline.”) Oh, and did we mention the series is written and directed by Glass Onion auteur Rian Johnson?

Press PLAY above to get a sneak peek at Poker Face, and then hit the comments to share your first impressions. 

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