James Gunn Teases an 'Unannounced DC TV Show' He Is Busy Writing

DC TV and Movies

The new DC Universe will include a thus-far-unannounced TV series being penned by filmmaker and DC Studios co-chief James Gunn.

On Thursday evening, Gunn hopped on Twitter to sum up an apparently busy day, writing, “My day: wrote 1/3 of an unannounced DC TV show (😃); ok’d 100 VFX shots, did reference acting for Rocket, & gave editing notes for Vol 3; & had two big DC Studios meetings.”

Prior to being put in charge of DC Studios (fka DC Films) with Peter Safran this past November — and in addition to his work for Marvel —  Gunn’s DC credits included writing/directing 2021’s The Suicide Squad as well as its HBO Max offshoot, Peacemaker (which streamed January/February 2022).

Now, almost a year ago, Gunn told Deadline’s Hero Nation podcast, “We’re working on something else now, another TV show that’s connected to that [The Suicide Squad] universe,” but he held back on sharing even the tiniest of details. So, let’s assume that that project is not the “unannounced” one of which he now speaks. (Though its details, I suppose, remain unannounced.)

DC’s TV slate is of course in all kinds of flux nowadays. Beyond whatever Gunn and Safran have planned as part of the new DCU they are outlining, big changes at The CW (and just plain ol’ longevity) have whittled away at the once-robust Arrowverse. The Flash is entering its final season next month, leaving behind only Superman & Lois and the yet-to-premiere, Batman-less Batman series Gotham Knights.

Over on HBO Max, both Titans and Doom Patrol are in the middle of their fourth seasons; Peacemaker was renewed for Season 2 a while ago, though it’s been crickets on that front; Pennyworth Season 3 came and went this fall with little fanfare; and the adult animated hit Harley Quinn has a Valentine’s Day-themed special ahead, on top of a Season 4 for which dialogue was long ago recorded.

In the pipeline, meanwhile, there’s the Green Lantern series for HBO Max that recently went through a revamp; The Penguin, spun off of Matt Reeves’ The Batman; the Dead Boy Detectives not-quite-a-Doom Patrol-spinoff; and as far as anyone knows, J.J. Abrams’ Justice League Dark concept.

Devoid of any further context from the man himself, what do you think Gunn might be writing for the smaller screen?