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Sex Lives of College Girls: Are Bela and Eric Over? — Plus, Scoop on Leighton and Whitney's New Love Interests

Sex Lives of College Girls Bela/Eric

Warning: The following contains spoilers through The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2, Episode 6. Proceed at your own risk!

We already brought you a preview of what’s next for The Sex Lives of College Girls‘ Kimberly and Jackson after their recent hookup, but Kimberly isn’t the only roommate with major developments in her romantic life.

In Thursday’s episodes, Bela made a big leap from casual sex to monogamy when her jealousy over Eric’s date led her to realize that she wants to date Eric, much to her own surprise. After being so adamant about playing the field, what is it about Eric that made Bela want to commit?

“I had a personalization for Eric with someone in my own life who I think often is the one who got away,” Amrit Kaur, who plays Bela, tells TVLine. “I think what Bela sees in Eric is that she’s not intimidated by him… She kind of feels like she’s a little less of a loser around him, and it makes her feel good about herself, and he’s enamored by her. She can be herself with Eric and boss him around, and she loves that, and he’ll allow her to do that.”

But just as quickly as their relationship went from non-exclusive to boyfriend-and-girlfriend status, Bela sabotaged it. In the hopes of furthering her comedy career, she had sex with the late-night talk show host (Stranger Things‘ John Reynolds) for whom she was acting as a student liaison.

“I had conversations with my coach about the backstory, what the motivation would be,” Kaur says of the Episode 6 twist. “Bela is so obsessed with telling a cool story that everything that Bela does is petty. It’s not like any normal story, or any normal reason. She is willing to sacrifice her relationship in order to come back tomorrow to tell her roommates that she f–ked a famous stand-up comedian, and you know what, a lot of us do that. It’s a human thing to do, and she’s not the most noble of people. So that’s definitely what I think her mindset was.”

Sex Lives of College Girls Meanwhile, Leighton finally slowed down after hooking up with much of Essex’s queer popular (and getting chlamydia) and set her sights on someone new: Tatum (Zoo‘s Gracie Dzienny), an ultra-cool junior who looks like Leighton’s doppelganger and may be even more elitist than the freshman. (Apparently, when you first come out, you go through a phase of wanting to date yourself.)

“I think she’s a lover. That’s what I’ve decided,” Reneé Rapp says of Leighton, adding that her character becomes “super enamored” with Tatum. “She’s like, ‘She’s perfect.’ Then she’s like, “Oh, wait, Jesus, maybe not.’ She goes in really quick, which is also like such a horrible lesbian stereotype, but sometimes it’s f–king accurate.” (Leighton also still has to come out to her family. “I think that’s a loaded conversation that I’m not sure if she’s ready for, but she kind of does it anyway,” Rapp previews.)

Sex Lives of College Girls Whitney/AndrewElsewhere, Whitney and her bio-chem nemesis Andrew (Love, Victor‘s Charlie Hall) were paired up for a lab. But rather than killing each other, might the two be jumping each other, given how Whitney wasn’t able to look away from Andrew’s surprise biceps? He certainly didn’t seem to mind the attention, and Whitney is newly single after her break up with Canaan.

“She can’t decide. Truthfully, she has no idea,” Whitney’s portrayer Alyah Chanelle Scott says. “She’s like, ‘This is great,’ and then three seconds later, she’s like, ‘I can’t stand this,’ and then she’s like, ‘This is amazing,’ which is also very real. I feel like we all go through that phase when we’re like, ‘Do I actually like this person, or am I just, like, here for now?’ And there’s kind of a little bit of a twist.”