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Sex Lives of College Girls Stars, EP Talk Kimberly and Jackson's Chemistry, What's Next After Their [Spoiler]

Sex Lives of College Girls Kimberly/Jackson

Warning: The following contains spoilers through The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2, Episode 6. Proceed at your own risk!

The Sex Lives of College Girls‘ Kimberly has landed another campus hottie.

In Thursday’s episodes, the coed got locked out of her room after a medical procedure that left her feeling not so great. Thankfully, Jackson, the stud next door, sweetly came to her rescue, offering up his dorm as a place to rest until her roommates showed up. But in letting Jackson take care of her while she was unwell, Kimberly got “med-zoned,” leaving Jackson to see Kimberly as sickly, Leighton explained. So much for finding her hot, right? Not so fast!

Kimberly strode up to Jackson at a party and declared that he didn’t need to keep asking how she was doing, because she was fine and “ready for anything,” she emphasized. Cut to the two of them getting it on in Jackson’s room.

While the chemistry between Kimberly and Jackson has been steadily building this season, her experience with Nico last season has taught Kimberly that whatever is happening between her and Jackson, “you don’t want this to be all-consuming,” her portrayer Pauline Chalamet tells TVLine. “You’re not in college for boys, especially when you’re someone who whether you can stay there or not is so dependent on the money that you have. So I think that she learned from that experience with Nico [that] you don’t put everything on the boys.”

Sex Lives of College Girls Kimberly/JacksonWhereas her feelings for Nico were “all-encompassing,” much to her own detriment, “with Jackson, you’ll see Kimberly entertain [a] relationship with someone where it’s in the backseat. It’s less of a priority for her,” Chalamet says.

So does that mean Kimberly and Jackson, who’s had no shortage of hookups since he transferred to Essex, are on the same page about whatever it is that they’re doing?

“They definitely haven’t talked about it and don’t know what they don’t know,” Mitchell Slaggert, who plays Jackson, shares. “But the unknown is always so intriguing and curious, and it’s nerve-wracking. It gets your heart rate going. They’re both excited about the unknown.”

Plus, there is the question of whether Jackson is just a playboy who enjoys casual sex or if he could also be a relationship person. According to Slaggert, his character is both.

“There’s like two sides to the coin, where sometimes he just wants to have fun, and then once he finds that special someone, it’s like there’s no even idea of looking someone else’s way. He’s just shopping around, and he’s a little too good at shopping,” the actor explains with a laugh.

Sex Lives of College Girls Kimberly/Jackson

But even with all his “shopping,” Jackson can’t help but find himself drawn to Kimberly. “There’s like a seed planted that Jackson can put his finger on that kind of piques his interest,” Slaggert describes.

For showrunner Justin Noble, the pairing of Slaggert’s Midwestern climate refugee and Kimberly’s small-town activist at an elite East Coast school is “a really interesting look at couples that should work on paper,” Noble says. “They both, intrinsically, feel like outsiders.”

But being similar, at least in terms of their backgrounds, doesn’t mean that Kimberly and Jackson are in agreement about everything.

“There’s this interesting thing that I think happens in young dating, where you think that if you have a similarity with someone, you’re like, ‘Oh, we’re totally going to match,'” Noble shares, “and I think the thing that’s interesting to watch for them throughout the season is them kind of finding their vibe together. They’re not always eye-to-eye on issues the way that Kimberly might think.”