The Good Fight Series Finale: The Nuclear War Subplot That Wasn't

The Good Fight Series Finale

During the third act of The Good Fight‘s series finale (now streaming on Paramount+; read recap), the staff at Reddick Boseman take shelter under their desks during a brazen white supremacist sniper barrage. One ill-fated scenario, however, involved the threat of a much more devastating attack.

According to series co-creator Robert King, a storyline inspired by the terrifying 2018 false missile alert in Hawaii was bandied about.

“That was one premise we considered, [especially given] what is going on with Russia and nuclear weapons,” King tells TVLine. “This idea that there are rockets coming over [to the United States] and everyone has 20 minutes [before impact]. We were thinking of maybe doing that.”

As we reported, there are no current plans to keep the Good franchise going via another series, to follow The Good Wife and The Good Fight — despite some tantalizing seed-planting in the finale: The episode found Christine Baranski’s Diane Lockhart accepting an offer to run an all-female law firm in Washington D.C. (potentially alongside Sarah Steele’s fan favorite character Marissa Gold).

Unfortunately, fellow Good Fight co-creator Michelle King maintains that the plot twist “was not meant as a tease or a trial balloon” for a new series.

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