Walker's Jared Padalecki Is Determined to Appear on Prequel Independence 'In Some Way, Shape or Form'

Walker Independence Recap

Walker star and executive producer Jared Padalecki isn’t planning on letting something as significant as 150-plus years stand in the way of his appearing on the prequel spinoff Walker Independence, on which he also serves as an EP.

The offshoot is set in the late 1800s and follows several ancestors of characters from the mothership series, which of course takes place in the present day. Even though the two shows feature very different and distant time periods, Padalecki isn’t ruling out the idea of a crossover of some sort. (After all, Matt Barr went from playing Hoyt Rawlins on Walker to playing… his ancestor Hoyt Rawlins on Independence, so anything goes?)

“It’s totally something we’ve talked about and thought about since Day 1 of the conception of Walker Independence,” Padalecki tells TVLine. “And whether it’s a flashback on Walker, or a flash-forward on Walker Independence, or whether they can dress me up enough to let me exist in Independence, just not as Cordell Walker, I see a bunch of fun ways to kind of integrate the two, and keep that Walker-verse thriving and throw in Easter eggs.”

However, the production logistics of Walker filming in Austin, Texas, while Independence shoots in Santa Fe, New Mexico, might make a guest spot difficult. But “I refuse to let Walker Independence carry on without me being on screen in 19th century Texas in some way, shape or form,” Padalecki adds with a laugh.

Walker and Walker Independence air back-to-back Thursdays on The CW, starting at 8/7c.