Walker Independence 'Aggressively' Looking for New Home Following CW Cancellation, EP Jared Padalecki Says

Walker Independence may ride again.

Just one day after The CW cancelled the Walker prequel spinoff, Jared Padalecki — who serves as an executive producer on both shows — tells TVLine that efforts are underway to find the Western drama a new home for Season 2. READ MORE

Post Mortems

Walker Independence EP Talks Finale's Tom Cliffhanger and How It Hints at Even 'Bigger Threat' — Plus, Grade It!

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Walker Independence‘s finale. Proceed at your own risk!

Things got wild in the West during Walker Independence‘s (season?) finale on Thursday READ MORE & GRADE THE FINALE

Post Mortems

Walker Independence Fall Finale: Justin Johnson Cortez Talks Calian's Verdict and Two Potential Love Triangles

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s Walker Independence. Proceed at your own risk!

Walker Independence put Calian on trial for the murder of one of the town’s founding fathers, Francis Reyes, in Thursday’s fall finale. READ MORE & GRADE THE EPISODE