Halloween Ends Director Responds to Fan Backlash, Reveals Scrapped Season of the Witch-Themed Ending

Halloween Ends Backlhas

Halloween Ends director David Gordon Green has responded to fan backlash that netted the streaming/theatrical release a 57% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and a “C-” grade from TVLine readers — even as it emerged as the most-watched film or series of all time over a two-day period on the Peacock streaming service.

In theaters, Halloween Ends opened to a respectable $41.3 million, only to drop more than 80 percent this weekend.

Asked about the negative feedback, Green maintained that he simply made the latest installment his own, telling MovieMaker, “when someone says, ‘Build your dream house on this real estate using this title and these characters,’ everybody is going to find a different little thing that’s meaningful for them and they’ll make it their own. That’s what I did.

“For every bite of backlash,” he continued, “you also get people that are thanking you for taking it to a new place and keeping it alive and full of love.”

Green said that in crafting the latest trilogy’s closer, the question was, “How do we make it not just a nice, neat bow on a franchise?,” adding: “we never once considered making a Laurie [Strode] and Michael [Myers] movie. The concept that it should be a final showdown-type brawl never even crossed our minds.”

Instead, Green set out to tell a “love story” — between Laurie’s granddaughter Alyson (played by Andi Matichak) and Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell), a babysitter wrongly blamed and then ostracized for the death of a kid he was watching — and in doing so explore “what can create the psychopath, without having to go into a Michael Myers psychological backstory.”

Green also revealed that in addition to using the same blue credits font as Halloween III: Season of the Witch, an early draft had a far more direct nod to the decades-old franchise’s first non-Michael outing.

“There was an ending I wrote, that we never filmed, and it takes place at Silver Shamrock factory as it was spitting out witch, skeleton, and jack-o-lanterns masks… and then it started spitting out Michael Myers masks,” Green shared, “but at the end of the day, I thought that’s just fan service for people who know what Silver Shamrock is.”

What did you think of Halloween Ends, and how did you watch it?

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