Sistas Returns for Season 5: Novi Brown Reacts to Sabrina's Shocking Arrest

Sistas Season 5 Episode 1

Sabrina and Maurice have been friends and co-workers (for better or worse) since Sistas‘ first season. But cellmates? That would be a new one.

The Tyler Perry drama returns for Season 5 tonight (BET, 9/8c), just two months after Sabrina and Maurice were arrested for conspiracy to commit bank robbery in the Season 4 finale — and it sounds like the twists have only just begun.

“I was just as surprised as everybody else,” Novi Brown tells TVLine of the “unexpected” turn of events. “I was like, ‘What’s going on? What’s the story? Where’s it going?!'”

On the topic of how Sabrina and Maurice would fare behind bars, Novi says they’d stand a much better chance together. In fact, they’d be an unstoppable team.

“If there was a unisex prison — now I know that’s controversial, but we’re talking about Sabrina and Maurice at this moment — I think they would fare extremely, extremely well,” Brown says. “They wouldn’t need any help from anybody else, they’d have each other’s back 100 percent.”

As for whether we can expect Sabrina to pop up on Sistas‘ BET+ spinoff Zatima, Brown says, “I don’t know. I hope so. I haven’t heard anything yet.”

What are your hopes (and fears) as we head into the fifth season of Sistas? Watch the Season 5 trailer below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

Reporting by Diane Gordon

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