Chicago P.D.'s Benjamin Levy Aguilar Says Halstead's Absence Has Been 'Hard' for Newcomer Dante Torres

Benjamin Levy Aguilar in Chicago P.D.

This week’s Chicago P.D. puts newcomer Dante Torres front and center.

The episode, titled “Donde Vives” and airing tonight at 10/9c on NBC, centers on a shocking murder that pulls the rookie officer into his own neighborhood. “As Voight and Atwater help him navigate the case and manage tricky personal dynamics with wary neighbors,” the official synopsis reads, “Torres realizes his life may be forever changed.”

It’s a prickly situation that he must handle without Halstead, who left for Bolivia in last week’s episode. Halstead took Torres under his wing in the Season 9 episode “New Guard” and helped bring him into Intelligence permanently.  For Benjamin Levy Aguilar, who plays Torres, the veteran detective’s absence is surely felt.

“It’s been hard for him,” Aguilar tells TVLine. “Halstead was someone he finally was able to trust, and Torres isn’t necessarily someone that trusts anyone he meets. It’s a process, and eventually, [Intelligence has] proven to him that they are trustworthy.”

Torres might be the new kid in Intelligence, but that doesn’t mean he’ll open himself up to his colleagues right away. “He cares about the work,” Aguilar explains. “He cares about having their backs, but the personal relationships are earned. Not just for him, it’s a mutual thing. And little by little, he has found moments, for example, with Atwater in this episode that he’s like, ‘Oh, he’s got my back, and I’m not used to people having my back, necessarily. I’m used to protecting people.’  He’s definitely felt these moments with people like Atwater in this episode.”

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