Will Netflix's Haunting Anthology Return for Season 3?

The Haunting of Bly Manor

While Mike Flanagan‘s myriad Netflix series do share certain similarities, each project thus far has proven to have its own unique DNA. That’s partly why his latest, The Midnight Club, was never conceived as The Haunting of Brightcliffe Hospice. In fact, the idea of including it as another installment of his acclaimed Haunting anthology was never even on the table.

“This is the first time that’s ever crossed my mind!” the writer/director said at a recent press event at Netflix’s New York City headquarters.

“Our thing with the Haunting is that we always wanted it to be primarily based on a piece of classic horror literature, and ideally something that has been adapted before that we can do something different with,” he said. “When we think of the Haunting, we think about authors like [Edgar Allan] Poe and [Charles] Dickens, contemporaries that are more in the Henry James, Shirley Jackson world. The other criteria with it is that it has to primarily be about ghosts. That question came up with The Fall of the House of Usher because that was based on Poe. It’s just not a ghost story, and so, there’s no haunting there. [The Midnight Club] was always its own thing.”

But that doesn’t mean the door is shut on a future installment. While there are no current plans for a follow-up to 2018’s The Haunting of Hill House and 2020’s The Haunting of Bly Manor, the topic frequently arises for the team at Intrepid Pictures, whose main heads include Flanagan and CEO Trevor Macy.

“What makes the Haunting the Haunting, and if and how we could re-approach it is something we talk about pretty frequently because we’ve always left that door open,” said Flanagan. “[But] we don’t want to do it just to do it.”

Added Macy: “Not everything is the Haunting. We wrestle with that quite a bit because it would be great to do another one, but you have to be rigorous about what it is and what it isn’t.”

Flanagan last chimed in about the future of the anthology in a December 2020 tweet. “At the moment there are no plans for more chapters,” he wrote at the time. “Never say never, of course, but right now we are focused on a full slate of other @intrepid projects for 2021 and beyond. If things change we will absolutely let everyone know!”

Would you want to be regaled with another Haunting of… tale? What piece of literature should the team tackle next? Drop some comments below!