Young Sheldon Recap: Mary Gets Her Groove Back... Thanks to Pastor Rob?

Young Sheldon Season 6, Episode 2

Who would have thought that Mary working with Brenda would bring Sheldon’s parents closer together?

During Thursday’s Young Sheldon, George called a secret meeting in Brenda’s chicken coop to discuss Mary’s new job at Medford Lanes. Brenda swore she was just trying to be nice when she hired George’s wife, but it still put him an uncomfortable position.

Young Sheldon Season 6, Episode 2“We haven’t done anything,” Brenda said.

“But there was considering,” George argued. “You know there was.”

Later on at the bowling alley, Mary ran into her own tempter, Pastor Rob. He apologized for how things went down at the church and expressed to Mary just how much he’s missed having her around. They were quickly interrupted by Rob’s date Shannon, who recognized Sheldon’s mom almost immediately. “You used to babysit me!” she said, embarrassing Mary like no one’s business.

Young Sheldon Season 6, Episode 2Soon after, Mary asked Brenda if Rob was a regular. “Not with that one,” she answered, referring to Shannon. “A single, good-looking pastor in a small town like this? He might as well be [Dallas Cowboys quarterback] Roger Staubach.” This bothered Mary more than she’d care to let on. Before long, Brenda caught her crying in her office and invited her out after work.

Over drinks, Brenda deduced that Mary was “sweet on” Rob. Mary vehemently denied it, but… come on. “I am a married woman,” she exclaimed. “Happily! I’m not looking.”

“I was married once, too,” Brenda responded. “That didn’t stop me from looking.”

After dancing the night away — and, presumably, a few more alcoholic beverages — a tipsy Mary returned home to her husband and suggested they fool around.

“Are you messing with me?” George asked.

“I’m hoping to,” Mary answered, making her way toward the bedroom.

Elsewhere in Thursday’s episode: Concerned about the family’s financial woes, Sheldon and Missy were determined to bring in a little extra dough. Sheldon initially decided to write a Star Trek: The Next Generation script good enough to sell to Gene Roddenberry, but once “common man” George was able to find a plot hole, he nixed the script and attempted to start his own digital currency instead. Missy, meanwhile, got her very first job at Sheldon’s go-to comic book store, King Kong Comics.

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