Quantum Leap Boss Promises NBC Reboot Will Address Sam Beckett's Leap Into Magic From Original Series

Quantum Leap NBC Reboot Sam Beckett Magic

Does Quantum Leap’s Herbert “Magic” Williams (played by Ernie Hudson) remember Sam Beckett (played in the original series by Scott Bakula) jumping into him? NBC’s continuation of the time-travel series will provide an answer in the coming weeks.

Episode 4 will address the leap in question, which occurred in a Season 3 episode of the original series featuring Christopher Kirby as a young Magic, showrunner Martin Gero tells TVLine.

“[Magic] does explain, from his point of view, that leap,” Gero hints. “Ernie [Hudson] gives this phenomenal monologue. It’s so beautiful. It might be my favorite scene of this first chunk [of episodes]. It’s really, really special.”

Quantum Leep Reboot NBC PremiereQuantum Leap picks up nearly 30 years after Sam’s unauthorized jump, with Ben Song (Kevin Can F**k Himself‘s Raymond Lee) also making an unauthorized leap through time. After Ben’s team failed to bring him back home in the season premiere, his days traveling through time and space are far from over. According to Gero, Episode 5 will see the physicist land in the 1870s for a thrilling Western adventure.

“We’re doing a Western,” the EP shares. “We’re telling some stories that have not been told about the West, and that is very exciting for us.”

The episode was filmed at the historic Western backlot at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, where the original Quantum Leap also shot an episode. Original series co-creator Deborah Pratt, who executive-produces the NBC reboot and voices the A.I. unit “Ziggy,” was on hand for filming.

“She’s been a real connection to the past show and is there every day with us,” Gero says. “As a fan of the original show, I don’t want anyone to mess it up. To be able to have Deborah… She’s been banging this drum for 20 years, being like, ‘We got to bring the show back.’ It’s so exciting, not only to do it, but to be able to do it with her.”

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