Justin Hartley's Surprise Quantum Leap Guest Stint Revealed — WATCH

Justin Hartley is back on NBC for his first post-This Is Us TV role, appearing in an upcoming episode of the network’s Quantum Leap revival.

In a new promo unveiled after Quantum Leap‘s series premiere on Monday (read our post mortem here), Raymond Lee’s protagonist Ben leaps into the body of a young woman who’s receiving a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, played by Hartley. According to sources, Hartley’s character, Jake, is a bounty hunter who’s partnered — personally and professionally — with Eva (the person into which Ben has leapt).

“Babe, what do you say? Make it official?” Hartley’s character asks, ring box in hand — and Ben can’t quite wrap his head around the weirdness of the moment, especially when he looks in the mirror.

Hartley’s episode is slated to air in October and, fun fact: The outing also features a guest turn by Blood & Treasure‘s Sofia Pernas (aka Hartley’s real-life wife).

The promo also tees up new developments in Ben’s time-hopping journey, including the suggestion that he can leap into timeframes beyond his own lifetime; in one example, Ben finds himself transported to the Old West.

New episodes of Quantum Leap air Mondays at 10/9c on NBC. TVLine readers gave the Sept. 19 series debut an average grade of “B+.”