Emily Deschanel Reacts to Bones' Futuristic Reboot, Previews Her Dance With the Devil — Video Q&A

Emily Deschanel was wholly unaware that Bones had gotten a futuristic reboot (of sorts), until TVLine looped her in during the video Q&A above.

TVLine spoke with Deschanel ahead of this Friday’s premiere of Devil in Ohio, an eight-episode Netflix drama in which she plays Dr. Suzanne Mathis, a hospital psychiatrist who quietly shelters a cult escapee named Mae (played by Snowpiercer alum Madeleine Arthur). Suzanne’s world is soon turned upside down as the mysterious Mae’s presence threatens to tear her own family apart.

Sam Jaeger (Parenthood) plays Suzanne’s husband, while Alisha Newton (Heartland), Xaria Dotson (American Vandal) and Naomi Tan play the couple’s three daughters.

In fostering Mae on the sly, Suzanne “does this very questionable thing,” Deschanel affirms at the top of the video above. But “as the series goes on, things are revealed about Suzanne herself that start to explain why she feels such a strong drive to save Mae, and protect her.”

As the series’ title suggests, what Mae needs “protection” from is a cult that more than dabbles in satan worship, and that subject matter thrust Deschanel into brand-new territory — unless, the actress had to wonder aloud, there was ones a Bones episode about such a thing!

emily-deschanel-animal-kingdom-season-4-interview bones movieSpeaking of the Fox procedural that used to be her calling card (and, well, devils)…. TVLine alerted Deschanel to the fact that Netflix’s Lucifer during its final season established (via a time-traveling angel) that the future will bring us More Bones, a reboot in which Temp and Seeley’s grown, cyborg daughter partners with an android to solve crimes.

At the 3:00 mark above, Deschanel shares her very candid reaction to the reboot (“That’s amazing!”), before offering her current POV on whether more Bones is actually, eventually to come. “David Boreanaz says nope, he’s not doing it. But ‘never say never’ for me,” she says.

Deschanel closes out our Q&A by dishing on her stealth, spring 2021 role on ABC’s The Rookie, which paired her with Castle alum Nathan Fillion. When we suggest that Castle’s Stana Katic now needs to show up on Boreanaz’s SEAL Team to bring things full circle, Deschanel at the 4:15 mark reveals that she just might have the contacts to make that happen!