We Ask House of the Dragon's Graham McTavish: Is It Easier to Ride a Horse in Kingsguard Armor or an Outlander Kilt?

Graham McTavish is no stranger to trotting around in less-than-ideal riding costumes — in his two seasons on Outlander, he traversed the Scottish Highlands in many a kilt — but Game of Thrones‘ upcoming prequel House of the Dragon requires him to sit a steed in plate armor as he gallops through Westeros.

So naturally, when TVLine recently chatted with the Artist Formerly Known as Dougal MacKenzie, we wondered which was worse.

“Good question!” he tells Dave Nemetz, laughing, in the video above. “It all depends on the horse. It really does. If you get a good horse, you can sit on them with anything.” However, he says, armor does present one particular challenge when it comes to all things equestrian… but we’ll let McTavish fill you in on that when you watch the clip.

House of the Dragon premieres Sunday on HBO (9/8c) and immediately establishes McTavish’s character, a knight called Ser Harrold Westerling, as a seemingly decent fellow. (For what it’s worth, we get Ser Davos vibes from him.) “He’s a morally upright human being,” McTavish says. “And that, as George [R.R. Martin, House of the Dragon co-creator/executive producer] points out, is extremely rare in this world.”

McTavish also fills us in on Ser Harrold’s relationship with Rhaenyra, whom he has known “since she was born, basically,” and for whom he feels a very deep responsibility. So press PLAY on the video above to hear more of McTavish’s thoughts on the upcoming spinoff, then hit the comments with your own!