Loot Season 1 Finale Recap: Did Molly and Arthur Finally Connect? Grade It!

Loot Season 1 Finale Molly

If we learned anything from watching Loot this season, it’s that we really, really, really need to party in Corsica some day.

By the time we arrive to the island-set finale, Molly seems to think she has a grasp on her new philanthropic life. But as she seemingly starts drifting back to her old ways, Sofia is dismayed by how her boss has been acting abroad. Plus, Arthur finally musters up the courage to tell Molly how he feels, but did the two end up together in the end? Let’s recap!

The gang gathers in Corsica for the Silver Moon Summit, and when they arrive, Molly apologizes to Nicholas for missing his play. He says it’s OK, but it’s hard to tell if he’s being 100 percent truthful.

Arthur tells Howard and Nicholas that he ended things with Chelsea, and they’re baffled. After his friends call him the human equivalent of an Olive Garden breadstick, Arthur changes the subject by saying they’re got an entire island to explore. (Couldn’t they have at least taken the charcuterie board with them? Leave no meat behind!)

Sofia is frustrated with Molly galivanting on stage during rehearsal, causing Molly to ask her what’s up. Sofia then asks her not to do the presentation. It’s not going to help people and there’s still so much they can still do in Los Angeles where people actually need help. She says it looks like Molly is getting swept up by another rich man yet again. Molly tells her nothing she ever does will be good enough for Sofia, and she doesn’t need her permission to do anything because it’s her money.

After Arthur faceplants off a horse, he wishes he never came to Corsica. He then admits to Nicholas and Howard that he’s in love with Molly and he doesn’t know what to do. (YOU TELL HER, ARTHUR, IT’S THE FINALE HERE!) But that’s why he broke it off with Chelsea. He kept comparing her to Molly and he knew that wasn’t fair.

Loot Season 1 Finale ArthurDuring the presentation, Molly introduces GaTa to help her demonstrate the water purification system, which produces electricity at the same time! The water comes out brown and gross, but she drinks it anyway. She can barely hold it together while choking down what looks like muddied river water, and we see the pain all over her face. Unsurprisingly, the water machine failure makes nationwide news. Whoops!

Jean-Pierre doesn’t seem too bothered, saying they’ll just go away and wait for it all to blow over. But Molly isn’t happy with that. They made so many promises they won’t be able to keep, and she’s feeling awful about being a part of the tomfoolery.

Sofia shows the group a note Molly left her. Molly’s stepping away from the foundation for good, but they’ll always have her money to keep moving things forward. Before Molly can take off, Sofia finds her on the private plane. Molly broke it off with Jean-Pierre. He wasn’t the man she thought he was. Sofia reminds her of all of the good things that happened since she started working with them, and says she doesn’t accept her resignation. (Well, duh. There’s a Season 2 ahead!) Molly tears up and admits she’ll never have the moral compass Sofia has.

Loot Season 1 Finale Howard NicholasLater, Molly crashes a panel at the summit and calls the ordeal a “huge f–k up.” She says all of these technologies aren’t solutions, they’re distractions. Billionaires are the worst people to be talking about changing the world, she says. With that, she announces she’s giving all of her money away, but promises to still do her best to help as many people as she can. “And I challenge any other ridiculously wealthy people who are watching this to do the same because otherwise it’s not philanthropy, it’s just PR bulls–t.”

The gang is excited about their new mission to give away Molly’s money, and their fearless leader makes a toast: “Let’s just drink this berry stuff and f–k up Corsica!”

While celebrating over drinks by the pool, Arthur tells Molly what she said on stage was incredible. He says there’s something he’s been meaning to talk to her about. We cut to the next morning. Clothes litter the bedroom floor as Molly wakes up, but it’s not Arthur sleeping naked beside her. It’s her ex-husband John.

Will Arthur and Molly ever get together? Disappointed John won’t go away? Grade the finale and season below, then sound off in the comments!

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