Evil: Watch the Extremely NSFW Alt-Ending to 'Demon of Sex' Episode That Show Bosses Regret Cutting

Warning: The video above contains adult content and is NSFW. Proceed accordingly.

It’s a good thing Sister Andrea didn’t barge in on this.

Evil‘s David and the demonic version of his co-worker Kristen get down and diabolically dirty in a deleted scene from this season’s Episode 3, and we’ve got an exclusive peek at the alternate ending to “The Demon of Sex.”

Full warning: The clip above kicks off in a fashion that would never have made it to air on the supernatural drama’s previous network, CBS. Paramount+ is far more lax about what is and isn’t allowed in an episode; even so, the scene surpasses anything Evil viewers have seen since the show’s move in Season 2. But the scene’s nudity and subject matter weren’t what ultimately kept it out of the episode, say co-creators Robert and Michelle King.

“Whenever we edit an episode of Evil or Good Fight, we usually start with a cut that is one hour long, and then cut it down to 45 minutes. It keeps the pace fast and the plot moving,” the showrunners said in a statement to TVLine. “Usually this works, but when we looked at the outtakes for episode 303 of Evil, ‘The Demon of Sex,’ we realized we pulled out an excellent segment. If we had it to do over again, we would leave this segment in.”

They add: “It would be the new conclusion to the episode. It has some excellent work by Mike [Colter] and Katja [Herbers]. It seems almost a crime to leave this on the cutting room floor. So we hope you enjoy it, and Mike and Katja can forgive us.”

Fans will recall that the hour in question found David and Kristen counseling newlyweds who seemed to run into demonic interference every time they were intimate. The scene above involves David’s conflicted relationship with his fantasy Kristen, who was first introduced in the season premiere and who shares some things (a taste for canned cocktails, for example) with her real-life counterpart… but the differences between the two Kristens are immediately clear.

Press PLAY on the video at the top of the post to see the alternate ending, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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