Loki Season 2, Hawkeye Spinoff Echo Land 2023 Release Dates on Disney+

It’s gonna be a Hot MCU Summer in 2023, with the release of two Disney+ Marvel series.

It was announced on Saturday evening during Marvel Studios’ San Diego Comic-Con panel — as part of the grand reveal of the MCU’s Phase 5 schedule — that the Hawkeye spinoff Echo, starring Alaqua Cox as the titular hero, will premiere in Summer 2023. (The show was ordered to series back in November 2021, ahead of Hawkeye‘s premiere.) MCU fans can expect Tom Hiddleston’s Loki to return with Season 2 next summer, as well.

Maya, aka Echo, is a deaf Native American martial artist who can perfectly replicate a person’s moves, hence the nickname. In the comics, she mixed it up with the likes of Daredevil, Blade and the Avengers (including Clint Barton aka Hawkeye).

Cox debuted as Maya in Hawkeye, where the skilled fighter ran the Tracksuit Mafia before turning on them after learning that boss Wilson Fisk (played by Vincent D’Onofrio) had her father killed. She was last seen confronting Fisk in an alley about the betrayal and fired a shot off screen. The crime lord’s fate remains unclear.

Loki‘s freshman finale — which dropped in July 2021 — found Loki and Sylvie coming face-to-face with He Who Remains, an omniscient being who cautioned that his death would bring about an all-out, multiversal war, featuring the emergence of infinite variants of himself. But Sylvie ignored those warnings and killed He Who Remains anyway, immediately causing chaos on the Sacred Timeline.

As previously reported, director Kate Herron, who helmed all six episodes of Loki‘s first season, will not be back behind the camera for Season 2. As she explained to TVLine last year, “It’s a lot for one director to do six hours, particularly in the Marvel way. We didn’t have the showrunner system. We ran this like a giant film, which I’m forever grateful for and was a massive opportunity for me. But I threw so much at it, and it’s a lot.”

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