Walking Dead Sets Premiere Date for Last Episodes — Plus, Season 11C Trailer Teases a New Breed of Walkers

Get ready to say goodbye to all of your Walking Dead favorites. Well, except for Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, who are set to star, respectively, in an as-yet-unnamed Daryl-centric spinoff and an offshoot that follows frenemies Negan and Maggie to Manhattan (Isle of the Dead). The long-running AMC drama dropped at San Diego Comic-Con Friday the trailer for the series’ final eight episodes. Also revealed during the show’s panel was the premiere date for the last leg of the supersized Season 11: Sunday, Oct. 2, at 9/8c.

As our story lurches toward its conclusion, our embattled survivors face yet another trial by fire, this one courtesy of the Commonwealth, the perfect-on-the-surface mega-community that operates under the thumb of Laila Robins’ Governor Pamela Milton and her right-hand man, Josh Hamilton’s unhinged Lance Hornsby. If you’ll recall, the Season 11B finale (recapped here) left Alexandria, Hilltop and Oceanside allied against the power mongers, whose soldiers are better-armed and have fun stormtrooper costumes to boot.

What’s more, as you’ll see in the trailer above, there’s a new breed of walkers at large — and they don’t just meander about and eat people. This strain of walkers can — yikes! — climb walls and open doors.

The Walking DeadDespite the imminent end of The Walking Dead, the series will live on in myriad iterations. In addition to the aforementioned Daryl show (which was intended to but won’t include original cast member Melissa McBride’s Carol) and the Negan/Maggie team-up (coming in 2023), there’s the star-studded anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead (which premieres Sunday, Aug. 14, at 9/8c) and the movie trilogy announced back in 2018 that was to “continue the story of [Andrew Lincoln’s] Rick Grimes.”

To check out the trailer, press PLAY on the video above. Are there any characters that don’t yet have a spinoff that you hope will get one? Answers in the comments.