Gentleman Jack Stars React to Cancellation: 'This Show Has Brought So Many Together'

Gentleman Jack

Hours after it was announced that Gentleman Jack would not be returning for a third season, series stars Suranne Jones and Sophie Rundle took to Instagram to thank the fans for their support — and to acknowledge the “huge impact” the series has made despite its relatively short run.

“While it is sad news Gentleman Jack will not be renewed, this show has brought so many together, enabled people to share their stories, brought joy, emotion and creativity, and gave me a real connection to you as its audience,” Jones said. “Anne Lister now has a statue in the Piece Hall. There is a Blue plaque in Holy Trinity church yard celebrating Anne and Ann’s union in 1834. There is a college named after Anne Lister on the East campus at the University of York. Shibden now has more visitors than ever before and you will find Anne Lister walks, tours and trails galore when visiting Halifax and its surrounding areas.

“I have never been involved in a show that has made such a huge impact and touched my heart like this one has,” Jones continued. “It wasn’t always the easiest job I’ve had… but it was always worth it to see the response it got.”

Added Rundle: “What a privilege it has been to play Ann Walker and bring her and Anne Lister’s extraordinary love story back to life. I am so proud to have been a part of reclaiming their place in history…. I am overwhelmed by the love this show inspired. And PROUD. So fiercely proud.”

Production company Lookout Point also released a statement, calling it “an absolute honour” to have brought “Anne Lister marching into the 21st Century…. Here’s to never conforming to the way people think a woman should look, or think, or be.”

A co-production with the BBC, HBO’s Gentleman Jack — which was inspired by Anne Lister’s real-life diaries — starred Suranne Jones as Anne, whose journey of restoring her uncle’s estate in 1832 led to a series of adventures, including a romance with another woman, Ann Walker (played by Rundle). (For more on the cancellation, click here.)

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